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Adobe Creative Cloud Express – Convenient and easy tool for teachers


I remember being informed in a staff meeting that our division had acquired a license for all staff and students to use this program. Fast-forward several years and here I am finally looking at its capabilities for a graduate studies blog post. I was even able to utilize the program to create my opening image for this blog post!

At first glance, this program may just seem like a social media tool and graphic editor but once you are able to spend a bit of time with the program, you are able to see its full potential. Adobe Creative Cloud Express has been revamped and is almost built entirely for students and educators. Some capabilities of the program include fool proof video editing, web page design, worksheet templates, infographics, branding, and so much more. The program saves all your projects online, giving you the ultimate flexibility and ability to pick up and continue from anywhere.


After only a relatively short amount of time on this program, I was able to feel confident and comfortable with its interface. Users, no matter their technological sophistication, should be able to utilize its components to help enhance their classroom materials and create more blended learning opportunities. I really wish that I had started to use this program much earlier.


-Easy to learn and operate

-Saves your projects online; capability to work from anywhere

-Variety of features/capabilities with similar

-Variety and choice

-Easy to save and download your work


-Upload times and buffering of video can be slow

-Limited file types for saving (pdf, jpeg, png)

-Users could be overwhelmed with amount of choice/customization

-Sometimes need to rely on templates


Potential for teacher as a content creation tool

As a content creation tool for teachers, it has almost limitless potential to improve materials, visuals, slides, online video content, etc. Several of these possibilities include:

-Improved social media content for schools, teams, clubs, or classes.

-Ability to utilize the program for student work. Teachers can utilize this to collaborate and give students an interactive program to create assignments that can be accessed from home.

-Refresh worksheets, handouts, slides, etc.

-Video edit lectures.


Check out the program for yourself, is there any other potential applications you can think of for teachers or students!?


  1. Beverly Weitzel

    Hi Scott,

    I really appreciated reading your review on Adobe Creative Cloud Express.
    I love the graphic you created! As soon as I saw it I thought to myself, “you should ask Scott how he did that.” Turns out I don’t have to:) The points you made about fool proof video editing and not needing advanced tech skills to use this tool are what convinced me that I should check it out.
    Thanks for the review, I hope to check it out soon.

    • Scott Sully

      Glad I could help!!

  2. Chris Brennan

    Scotty! This looks like an awesome product! I would like to try it out myself to see how it might fit the needs of my classroom.

    Do you know if there is a free version of the program?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Scott Sully

      Unfortunately I am not aware of a free version. Maybe check with your school if it comes free alongside other Adobe products?

  3. Brianne McFetridge

    Great review of Adobe Creative Cloud Express. This is a program I would like to explore from review but I am wonder if there is a free version or a free trial?
    This is something I will ask my division about!

  4. Leona T Stephen

    Nice. Always looking for graphic design options. I like have students make brochures and posters but many of the options I find require payments to get better graphics. Like other is this one free or does a school board need to invest?

    • Scott Sully

      I think our division had to get a subscription.

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