EC&I 834: Designing for Online & Blended Learning

Summary of Learning!

We made it! Posted below is my summary of learning, glad to have taken this journey with all of you!


  1. Chris Weber

    This was a great and honest summary of learning Scott, well done! I love your reflection piece on community and how important it is to build that sense of community. I have no doubt you will continue to work on that area of your teaching. Hope to see you in more classes in the future.

    • Scott Sully

      Thanks you too! Loved the song!

  2. Patricia Ives

    Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to be in breakout rooms with you. I have enjoyed your perspectives and learning with you! Your summary of learning was comprehensive. I appreciated your comments on Teams, and (Lol) I agree that teachers are essential for student success.

  3. Dalton Danaher

    Very thorough and comprehensive Summary of Learning Scott! Well done. Great having class together, hopefully, our paths cross again!

  4. Bev Weitzel

    Hi Scott,
    I love the points you made about creating community in online courses and the amount of material that is available. This is the first good look I have taken at open resources. These are takeaways that I also found very valuable from this class. I appreciated your honesty throughout this class and admit that I felt overwhelmed many times myself. I have enjoyed learning alongside you this semester.

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