Cyber Sleuthing at its best

Going into this weekly post I was excited to partake in an experiment that seems very important to understanding our digital identity. This week I had the task of creeping on Jorden Robitaille with permission of course and the process opened my eyes to a lot of things. I will give props to Jorden as I gave some effort into digging and didn’t find all that much to report on. Some of the only things I can say is she is doing research in musical therapy and has an interest in nightcore dance music.

Some things I can say is it doesn’t take much to start your descent down the rabbit hole and the more information you are able to gain the easier it is to move deeper. Even with someone having a private social identity it only takes keywords or nicknames to get further in what you are trying to find. To refer to the reading on multiple online identities, I think it is ever so important to realize that to find one identity makes it much easier to find other ones. Being in the education field it is easy to find my professional portfolio and posts but I didn’t know my professional identity exposed my private one as well.

I found this weeks project to be an entertaining one as well as a topic that seems ever so important to further our knowledge in.

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