Final Networking Learning Post

Final Network Learning Post:

Reflecting on my semester I was very appreciative to be surrounded by such beneficial peers to my learning process and growing in the professional technology field. Here in this post I’ll be going over some of my contributions and interactions throughout the semester in EDTC 300.


My blogging contribution was beneficial as it was very interesting to see all the progress my classmates have made throughout the semester in both their learning projects as well as their weekly blog posts. Especially with topics such as coding and cyber sleuthing, it was nice to see some other perspectives on the topics. I wish I could have contributed more throughout the semester but am happy with the interactions I was able to have during our time together. It was hard to find screenshots regarding sorting my comments but I was able to grab a couple for the post.

Here are a couple screenshots.




Twitter was a great resource to post and see other content in an organized matter. My way of optimizing my use of the platform was to retweet to fill my feed with valuable posts and resources. It was definitely nice to be able to create the proper environment to grow my resources as a pre-service teacher.

Here are a couple screenshots.



My class time was great for interactions with my peers as through breakout rooms and group conversations I was able to further my prospectives on the concepts we were able to cover this semester. I’m thankful to be surrounded around so many great peers this semester and wish everyone the best moving forward!

Learning Project Wrap Up

In a blink of the eye our semester is concluding and so is my journey in developing myself as a chess protege. Throughout the semester I have both grown in self skill in the area of chess as well as better appreciating the professionals of the game. To begin I’ll recap my journey thus far before closing on my current remarks.

Week 1: Tackling Chess

Getting my bearings in chess and understanding basic concepts, not much of a definitive goal at this point just wanted to be able to vastly improve from the bottom of the knowledge barrel. Also got set up with my account where a majority of my learning would come from.

Week 2: Diving Deeper into Chess

This week I dove deeper into the actually strategies in chess, in this case through openings and how to start the game. I found Youtube to be a valuable resource to have some actual in game examples of openings in play. Also moved into playing bot games on the site.

Week 3: Education Tools and Live Streaming

For my joint post in week three, I used a program called OBS which was a great tool for live streaming or creating overlays for recordings. It worked well for me to include a webcam on to my puzzle session on the site.

Week 4: Chess is just math, or so it seems…

For week four, I furthered my understanding of calculations during the game and deducing if certain trades were overall profitable for me. I used various articles online and then used these ideas in games against opponents online.

Week 5: Pro chess players aren’t no jokes ..

For week five, I entertained myself with some professional matches to see the actual skill difference. (Definitely an eye opener) I then moved into some more puzzle play to grow my decision making skills and continued with my ladder climb.

Week 6: Pawns that Hang?

This week I did some research on the concept of pawn hanging and how it effected my strategies moving into games down the road. I’m also starting to see visual differences in players skill calibre to the computers I’ve gone up against thus far.

Week 7: Free trials and foxes that play chess

This week I signed up for the free trial of and was able to fully get my use out of the best online chess resource. This lead to larger array of puzzles and quizzes at my disposal to better my instincts in the game. I also checked into some different articles for space concepts which I could integrate into my game.

Week 8: Revisiting the pros

This week I revisited some pro gameplay and was better able to follow the strategy and thought processes that went through the game. (To an extent) I also went back to Youtube to try to get a better grasp of what thought processes were needed to grow past my ladder position that I currently found myself in.

Week 9: A full circle moment

This week I found myself finding the most growth in my online ranking with and found myself back watching the same Youtube channel for growth tips that I began my journey with. I was diving into counter plays trying to strengthen the concept in my own game.

To finish off the semester I found myself growing far further than I thought I would have going in. I think it shows how far you can get in something if you just put the effort in and try to improve. I would also say it highlights the power of technology and how much you can teacher yourself with only resources online and help from peers.

To start the semester I had a placement score of 400 on the site and here is my final progress and stat lines. Thanks for following along this semester!