Literacy in the digital world

I would say that teaching digital literacy in the classroom is something easier than it seems. It might look different from subject to subject but the framework stays the same throughout. A simple way that comes to mind would be to expose students to fake resources that relate to your subject area, and the signs that indicate an invalid source. Digital literacy directly relates to valid research and what online should be used in an educational setting. As digital literacy includes using a variety of tools effectively and efficiently, as stated in the NCTE framework. Which can be translated in use of tools in any subject field, for example the use of online graphing calculators in math and indicating which resources are valid tools.

Topics such as fake news are easily adaptable to the social studies curriculum in finding valid resources when it comes to research projects. Being able to differentiate real from fake is a valuable tool that should be presented to the student to further their knowledge for future research.

It feels to me that this topic is more adaptable than teachers will give it credit and is something important that we should be presenting in the classroom at an earlier level.

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