Getting in my Leafy Greens

Getting in my Leafy Greens

This week for my learning project I decided to follow a Youtube tutorial! I’m a visual learner, so this was still relatively in my comfort zone, however, following a whole pattern without words was still pretty hard for me. When selecting the tutorial I wanted to follow I tried to find one that would go through the whole pattern on video as well as have a printable or traceable option available. This proved to be very challenging as many great tutorials didn’t offer patterns at a justifiable cost or the video part of the tutorial was too hard to follow. Eventually, after years (more like 10 minutes) of searching, I found the one!

The video went through each section by showing you the colour of the string used, the number of strands, and the type of stitch used. This was super helpful as the number of strands to use has been something I’ve struggled with. Each section went pretty fast, but I didn’t have a problem with this as I could rewind and pause as I needed.

I chose Youtube this week to continue working on my basic stitches while learning to follow a pattern. So far, the pieces I’ve created have been patterns I have made up. This time I wanted to work on copying a tutorial so that I could work towards making someone else’s written pattern. The tutorial was very useful because it showed you which sections to do in which order. Since I am a beginner, I still lack the foresight of the best way to do each section.

Overall I found learning on Youtube to be super easy. I’ve used youtube in the past to learn knitting and crochet and it has always been a super positive experience. My biggest struggle is finding videos that are useful for exactly what I need them for, but that isn’t a major drawback. As a visual learner, it is nice to be able to see someone do exactly what they are saying at the same time. Youtube is one of my favourite places to learn from and is a platform I think is incredibly useful in a classroom as long as you are patient with searching for a good video!

Next week I will continue the piece I started in my Powtoon review and attempt a new way of showing it off to you, so stay tuned!

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