Autobiographic Paper

My family has taught me so many important life lessons. One quote I will never forget my mom telling me went something like this, if you want the rainbow, put up with the rain. That quote has taught me when life is throwing negative things at me there’s always going to be a positive outcome. My father has taught me so many important life lessons and ways to deal with different challenges in life. He has brought me to become the strong farm girl I am to this day.  Now for my siblings, I would not be the person I am today without the three of them. Each one has and will always be there for me when I need them. They have helped me surpass the old me . . .

. . . The great thing about becoming a teacher is that my personal traits will help change the life of someone. There are so many traits that can help not only the students, but other teachers become better learners and role models for others. Since I grew up in a small town, sports and different activities were hard to get into. Whether we couldn’t find enough players or a coach, I am looking forward to putting my athletic side into the school I will be teaching at and allowing the students to play or try out new sports. 

So, the answer to why I want to become a teacher is because it is the centre of change. Being able to help others in life will make me feel accomplished and happy that I have chosen this career path. From time to time getting told I would make a great elementary teacher I knew it was right for me to steer in these directions. I want to help future generations for years to come.