“I believe…” Statements

“I believe…we are all one color if we try”

“I believe… we are one”

“I believe… we all have to respect each other”

“I believe… we all have the right to voice our opinions”

“I believe… we should embrace culture”

“I believe… we should be able to proudly say who we are and where we come from”

“I believe… it is important to speak the truth

“I believe… it is important to sit back and listen”

“I believe… We should always show kindness”

“I believe… it takes failure to make a successful person”

“I believe… everyone is born with the same potential”

“I believe… everything happens for a reason”

“I believe… all teachers should learn about their students and learn about their weaknesses and help them by giving them tools and learning resources”

“I believe… A fitting classroom environment would give students everything they need to succeed and feel welcome in their class”

“I believe… it is important to accommodate all children”

“I believe… as a teacher it is important to use our position to get rid of stereotypes”