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Part Seven – Tying the Knot on the Ribbon Skirt Journey

Engaging in the creation of a ribbon skirt has been a deeply enriching experience, merging practical craftsmanship with a profound appreciation for Indigenous culture. Throughout this journey, I delved into the intricate symbolism and tradition embodied by ribbon skirts, fostering a deeper understanding of Indigenous heritage. This project has been more than a creative endeavor;…

By Avery Kotylak June 18, 2024 6

Part Five – From Ribbons to Blooms

Creating a ribbon skirt has been an enriching journey, blending craftsmanship with personal expression. This post details my process of designing and enhancing a ribbon skirt with handmade flowers and bows. Here’s a look at my journey from concept to creation. Customization Process Creating Ribbon Flowers The first step in my customization was making ribbon…

By Avery Kotylak June 8, 2024 8