Hello, My name is Avery Kotylak and this is my map! I live at home located south of Glenavon about an hour, and fifteen minutes east of Regina. I enjoy living on the farm as it is where I grew up and feel most comfortable. I have drawn all my significant places attached to my farm to represent that no matter where I go I always return to my home land on Treaty 4 territory. This land is unique to me as it has a ton of geographic features surrounding my family farm, such as fields, a valley, and hills. I have included University in my map because I feel it is very important as it is taking me along my journey to become an elementary teacher. Next, I have excluded my family and friends’ houses. My family and friends mean the world to me and have helped me become the person I am today. Next is the pasture, I have included this in my map because as my sibling and I were younger we spent countless hours out there. Included with the pasture I have placed a cow to represent the more-than-human being present in my day-to-day life. My family farms cattle along with grain. My family of six was a huge hockey family, we spent almost every day of the week at the rink! One story I hold close to my heart about the rink is that is where I met my best friends to this day. Lastly, I have included the lake, to me, it is a place where all my stress is relieved and I can enjoy every moment whether it be on a boat, camping or sitting on the beach. I have also included the Indigenous community of Carry the Kettle due to it being about 30 minutes from my farm. These are a few of the many places that mean so much to me and have brought me to where I am today and what I am passionate about. 

I believe this place would look like a family from a First Nation or Métis perspective, as there is a family farm incorporated within the map and the road leads to places where people can gather, learn and celebrate. The same goes for the more-than-human perspective, I believe there are tons of spots on my map for them to create a home such as the cattle in the pasture, the insects in the water and on the land, the birds in the air etc. There are many challenges that come such as drought, which will be a struggle for the land, cattle, and humans. If the crops are not good that will put a pause on food production for both humans and animals. A gift I can offer to the community is to give back to them, volunteer when needed and use the skills, and tools I have to help them out.