For my critical summary assignment, I have decided to focus on the topic disabilities and the curriculum. The reason I chose to focus on this is because in most of my classes so far this semester the main topic has been disabilities. I wanted to further my knowledge on how disabilities are viewed in the curriculum. For me personally, I feel that disabilities in the curriculum is a topic that is not taken seriously enough. The curriculum has not been accommodating nor fair for those with disabilities. One article I have found to be very useful was written by Nirmala Erevelles, she discusses having equality in the classroom for those in minority groups but rarely discussing the experiences for those with disabilities in the curriculum.

The next step in this assignment is to find two more articles that relate to my main one. I need to also narrow down what I want my main focus of my essay to be about. As a future educator, I will carefully analyze in how my classroom develops my students to ensure no one is excluded, and these articles will improve my understanding on why changes must happen.