Reinhabitation is restoring a connection and teaching of how to live. This has been passed down from generation to generation and like the article shows how important it is for the elders to pass down the knowledge to the youth. Like in the article forming a relationship with the land, and how nature is an important aspect of their culture. Unfortunately the youth is losing that connection and not appreciating what the land has to offer for them. This is why reinhabitation is so important, it creates a bond with the land and with other people.

Decolonization is an act of sharing stories and knowledge, the youth is learning from the elders. Having opportunities for the elders to share their stories with the youth forms relationships between the two. The youth learning new knowledge gives them the chance to take away what they learnt from the elders and spread that knowledge to others. Decolonization is important because it gives youth a chance to appreciate the land and the stories that go along with the land.

Becoming a future elementary teacher, I think it is super important to acknowledge reinhabitation and decolonization. It is also important to note to teach for the appropriate grade level, my goal would be to make students aware and simplify it for my students to understand. There are so many ways we can incorporate indigenous teachings into any class, and sometimes us as teachers do it without even knowing.