Vienna Still Waits for Me!

This week I continued with my goal of learning to sign Vienna by Billy Joel and boy did I continue to struggle! The chorus was even harder to learn that the first verse. One tricky word, in particular, is halfway as it is a very complicated sign. I had to look far and wide even to find a sign for halfway. I ended up finding it on a new website called Handspeak. This website has a search bar, which is a bonus in my books. I think I will try it out this coming week to see if I like it better than the other websites I have been using. The rest of the signs I found using SignSavvy, as I continue to enjoy the layout of this website, and it is helpful for this specific project where I need to look up certain words!

I am unsure if I am signing Vienna correctly, and think I may find an ASL community on Twitter and ask for help! I found a video in which I think I figured out which sign is Vienna, but at this point, I may be totally wrong! I hope I don’t have to fingerspell it, as that would be quite challenging for the timing in the song. I did hit a milestone this week! I am over one minute into the song!

I created my resource this week on TikTok, inspired by many people on TikTok who teach ASL. I see videos for @thatcanadiandeafguy often, and my sister sends me videos from @drluannesailors!

 I created a TikTok of me signing the alphabet, as I think it is an overlooked essential part of learning ASL. You can know many signs, but when stumped, you can always resort to fingerspelling. It is also important because you would want to be able to spell your name to introduce yourself! My video, as of now, has 82 views, and someone commented that it made it to the For You Page. Maybe in the future, I can continue to make ASL Videos for TikTok and hopefully get more views!

Check out my TikTok above and let me know what you think! Also, as always, check out this week’s video below! Here is the link to last week’s blog, learning the first verse of Vienna by Billy Joel! I also apologize for looking at my computer during the video below, I was having a hard time remembering the lyrics!

Wish me luck for next week, and happy spring, everybody!


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