Professional Learning

Educational Assignments

ESC 110

“For my first post to my blog I’m going to talk about stereotypes and how they have affected me, how it has changed my identity and how my experiences have led me to change my option on other stereotypes.”

I created a blog to post about my life and own experiences in ECS 110 and how they will effect me in the classroom as a teacher.

A presentation I did in ECS 110 about equality for women in professional sports.

ESCI 302- Garden Tower Project

We did a project to grow vegetables in the classroom, we collaborated with the Regina Food Bank so we could have the materials to do this inquiry project. We also did vermacomposting with worms and took compostable material then fed it to the worms and they would compost it. Then a grade six and seven class from Lakeview Elementary School came into the class and we taught a lesson on food preservation.