Teaching Strategies

These are all the different strategies that I have picked up this year through my classes and my field experiences.

Walk & Talk– students leave the classroom and walk around while discussing the topic for the class

Gallery Walk– students walk around from station to station to cover many topics

Activity Breaks– getting the students to take a small break and complete a physical activity (dance breaks, shake out the sillies, rock, paper, scissors, high fives for 3 people)

Guided Reading– students read with a partner or someone who is able to help the reading process (rainbow spelling, wikki sticks, spelling stamps, magnet spelling, string letters)(timer)

Inquiry Projects– completing a project that is hands on learning and is able to cover multiple outcomes in a unit (garden tower, canning, Ag in the Classroom)

Nature Walk/Sit Spot– going outdoors and finding a spot on the ground to reflect on what you think and how you feel

Ketchup and Pickles– students catch up ‘ketchup’ on their work, after all their catch up is complete then the students get to pick ‘pickles’ what they would like to work on (prodigy)

Educational Field Trips– Museum, Food Bank, First Nations University-garden, Science Centre, University of Regina-garden,