Where Should Education Go From Here?

I am a firm believer that there are lessons to be learned from everything that happens in life. How Covid-19 has altered education for the present and future is no exception. As Mme. Leah Bissonnette points out, we need to accept that there will be a new normal in education.

While some of the finer details of education change over time – curriculum, adaptations, pedagogy, assessment – many details have remained unchanged for decades. Kids go to a building, sit in a classroom, work on core subjects…rinse, wash, repeat. While there are many benefits and factors that necessitate this structure – learning of basic skills, socialization, childcare (let’s face it, this is a function of schools) – it is time for us to consider if this is the most effective structure moving forward. Our world is changing more rapidly than ever. It is time for education to take a long, hard look in the mirror to see if it is meeting these ever-changing needs.

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EC&I 832 Major Learning Project

I am excited to get my project off the ground this semester. I think it is going to be very meaningful for me as a teacher. More importantly, I think it is going to be very meaningful and impactful for my students.

As we are all well aware, mental health is a challenge for many students with what is going on in our world today. As such, my project is going to focus on making sure my students are okay and developing strategies and tools to assist them in being just that. Most of you are likely somewhat familiar with the OurSchool survey. The results in my school have told us year after year that students are struggling with anxiety, depression, and many other mental health challenges.

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Hello EC&I 832


This is my second class with Alec. Experiencing 831 in the fall, I excitedly signed up for this class, only to be waitlisted. Thankfully I am in! Coming from the Education Leadership world where things are paper focused, I appreciate the way Alec does things. He allows you to guide your own learning and explore areas that are useful and of interest to you. The world of technology is uncomfortable to me. We have a love-hate relationship – maybe more days of the latter! 831 pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to learn some new tricks. I look forward to more of the same in 832, particularly with my major project which will focus on some mental health initiatives. More to come on that…

I am in my 13th year of teaching and third full year of a vice-principalship. Covid has been a learning experience, to say it politely. At this point, I feel like I have learned enough haha. Throw in some beautiful weather, some cockroaches, and 2022 can only get better from here lol.

Virus is still here and it's still snowing - Imgflip

I am taking my 9th and 10th classes this semester. This is the first time I have taken two classes at once. I know it is going to be a busy few months, but it will be worth it. Bring on April 11th!! It is kind of surreal to be so close to being finished.

I can identify with many of you who are figuring out the blogging world for the first time. Trust me, it gets easier. Once you get everything set up, it is actually fairly easy. I look forward to learning about the projects everyone is doing. As we did in 831, I am confident we will all learn a lot from each other this semester.