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This is my second class with Alec. Experiencing 831 in the fall, I excitedly signed up for this class, only to be waitlisted. Thankfully I am in! Coming from the Education Leadership world where things are paper focused, I appreciate the way Alec does things. He allows you to guide your own learning and explore areas that are useful and of interest to you. The world of technology is uncomfortable to me. We have a love-hate relationship – maybe more days of the latter! 831 pushed me outside of my comfort zone and forced me to learn some new tricks. I look forward to more of the same in 832, particularly with my major project which will focus on some mental health initiatives. More to come on that…

I am in my 13th year of teaching and third full year of a vice-principalship. Covid has been a learning experience, to say it politely. At this point, I feel like I have learned enough haha. Throw in some beautiful weather, some cockroaches, and 2022 can only get better from here lol.

Virus is still here and it's still snowing - Imgflip

I am taking my 9th and 10th classes this semester. This is the first time I have taken two classes at once. I know it is going to be a busy few months, but it will be worth it. Bring on April 11th!! It is kind of surreal to be so close to being finished.

I can identify with many of you who are figuring out the blogging world for the first time. Trust me, it gets easier. Once you get everything set up, it is actually fairly easy. I look forward to learning about the projects everyone is doing. As we did in 831, I am confident we will all learn a lot from each other this semester.

3 thoughts on “Hello EC&I 832

  1. I can totally relate to the waiting list scenario you mentioned Chris. I was also excited to take this class and luckily got through the waiting list.
    I really liked your major project idea, indeed mental health initiatives are very important for every one of us. This pandemic has thought us a lot about it.
    Looking forward to reading your more blogs!!

  2. Hi Chris! I like the clean set-up of your blog. Very inviting and easy to peruse. Huge props to you for being an administrator at this time! Wishing you all the best in your final semester – it will be such an amazing feeling to say you conquered this Master’s (during a pandemic, no less)!

  3. Hi Chris! From hearing all the amazing things about 831 I might have to look into that course. I think I am going to also enjoy the guided learning and I am sure I am going to like the doing rather then just learning about how to do the “doing”. I do like tech and tend to be a go to person at school but blogging and twitter are areas that I have not explored before. I have always strayed away from Twitter, just to eliminate another app, another rabbit hole, or something that can take more time away in being present in my life but the time has come to use it; so far it isn’t terrible but I am not using it very much.

    Congratulations on your last couple classes! Final stretch, you got this! I look forward to seeing more pictures/giphys I can relate too!!

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