I’ll Take you To the Icing Shop, I’ll Let you Lick the Spatula

Nothing beats licking the icing off a spoon now does it? This posts focus will be on how to fill a piping bag and then practicing my piping skills not on a cake. There was also so many distractions today, not only did I have my children but my sister needed to last minute drop off her children for 3 hours. So throughout today there were moments that I needed to pause; the noise, the questions, the I need snacks, the parenting was all too much!

First on the batting order is How To Fill Your Piping Bag. 

I followed along with the tutorial but realized a few that one thing was missing and I needed to account for; the icing tip. The tutorial never included when or where to place the icing tip so I made an educated guess. Check out my TikTok video below of How to fill my piping bag:


Major Learning Project: How to fill a piping bag

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After filming the video for filling the piping bags it was time for a break; I could not concentrate, it was getting loud and crazy inside and frustration was setting in. So we went outside played a little basketball, jumped on the trampoline, played with chalk, and dig a little digging.






Practicing Piping Skills

So I found this TikTok video about practicing piping skills without needing to make a cake and thought that was genius! I have a lot going on this weekend so this was handy. Take a look at both our videos:


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♬ In The End – Mellen Gi Remix – Tommee Profitt & Fleurie & Mellen Gi

My attempts:

Now this is a skill all in itself! I clearly am going to need much more practice so I decided that the icing I made today I will put into the fridge and this week if I get an extra moment I will take it out and practice again and again. I may also need to look into piping techniques from other sources. Cake by Courtney has another cake decorating class a more “advanced” one then what I just took and it offers exactly this but it is another $150 USD and I am going to hold off on that for now.


Major learning project: Practicing piping

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