Chocolat Eh? Chocolat Eh? It’s Been A Slice Y’all!

Here it is folks, here you have it! My final videos of my major learning project. The cake I made today was Turtle Pie Cake

Turtle Pie Cake with Chocolate Cake, Salted Caramel and Pecans”

Turtle Pie Cake – tender and moist chocolate cake layers with salted caramel, toasted pecans, chocolate ganache and pecan buttercream.

I chose to use Tik Tok as my platform for showcasing my work as a continuation from ECI 832 when I first began to explore TikTok. Last time I learned the basics and was exploring the tools. For this class I wanted to use the platform to show my learning throughout the process of this project, and toil with the idea how TikTok could potentially be used in a classroom to show students work. Although at this point I won’t use TikTok with my students until/ if ever there could be a TikTok created that is specifically dedicated to school use only. Wouldn’t that be fun? It could follow all the safety precautions, and be monitored easily, only have access to certain features… a girl can wish!

I broke my final project into 2 stages: the first being baking the cake from scratch which was a whole aspect I did not plan on learning to do when I chose cake decorating but it had to happen so I feel like this project was actually 2 learning projects instead of 1. The second stage was the decorating.  Todays cake was much more extreme than the other cakes I have made. This was required a homemade caramel sauce, chocolate ganache, homemade pecan butter, roast pecans, and then the buttercream; it was a lot of balancing and playing with aspects I haven’t learned much about yet because those come in Cake by Courtney’s Advanced Decorating classes.

I did have to do some more research on my own outside of the beginner class because I wanted to add piping details to the top of today’s cake (which I showcased last week), click on this link if you want to see last weeks piping adventure called I’ll Take You To The Icing Shop, I’ll Let You Lick the Spatula.


Alright here is video #1, I will be honest I had to redo this TikTok video twice because I guess when I did it on Friday it did not upload fully and all I got was 7 seconds, I realized this when I went to create this post… Needless to say that was 2 hours of editing for nothing and another 2 hours to redo, I will be honest it’s not as edited as the last one but it’s all I had left in me and I am super frustrated…

Is it wild to realize that making the TikTok video took longer than actually making the cake?!?!?

Making The Cake:

(I am even more frustrated that it is not posting here properly so all you are getting is a link to this video, sorry team!)

Decorating The Cake:


♬ Live Your Beautiful Life – Gray Griggs



Check out How To Cut A Round Cake Here and How To Cut a Tiered Cake Here

What I have learned from learning through social media:

I am very much a linear person when it comes to learning, I like things to be taught & learned in order. So when we were given the option to choose a major project I knew I wanted to go with option 2 but I also knew that would come with some risk taking in my learning. So I sought out a few different videos and realized very quickly that everyone has their own way of decorating cakes with different methods and I wasn’t able to follow a specific person or locate other videos of them completing the different stages. So from their I looked for an online class and located through social media Cake by Courtney. She used Youtube to video her classes, the classes were generally in a good order but I did find them confusing but also lacked in some details. I will wholeheartedly say yes I learned how to bake better homemade cakes, better buttercream icing,  to stake, to crumb coat and then to create straight and cleaner sides BUT the decorating aspect was in her next course she offered which would have been another $150.00 US to take. So because of that I did go back to TikTok and search up more videos on piping, creating roses, and borders; I was able to find some great videos and learned that way.

So Now What?

I’m actually quite excited to have witnessed so many people’s learning projects along the way and to have come to the realization that YES you can really learn through social media outlets, and you can learn a variety of different skills. Now I know my husband may or may not be excited about this, but I want to learn how to do more “household” renovation jobs. So my next project ideas I think is going to be finishing and updating my laundry room, learn how to make wooden flower boxes, update the front of the house by creating a raised flower bed that is edged with bricks… the opportunities are endless and I have this class to thank for all the inspiration and for Katia giving us the opportunity to learn this way!

It’s been a slice y’all!


4 thoughts on “Chocolat Eh? Chocolat Eh? It’s Been A Slice Y’all!

  1. You need to connect with someone that can make that Tik Tok for student work an actual thing!! What a great idea. I am documenting my learning project on Tik Tok and find that, like you, making the videos take wayyyyyyy longer than I ever estimate and way longer than the actual project itself. That cake looks divine. Turtle-flavoured anything is my fave (yikes, that sounds so wrong…like chocolate turtles I mean), so I am jealous of whoever your taste-testers were. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Wow you’re so brave! I would be so scared to post on TikTok. How did you find that process? Did you get it on the first take? I really like that you made a video, I think that is such a cool way to share your knowledge and also put your tech and baking skills to the test!

    I WISH class was in-person so people could bring ‘samples’ of their final project! 🙂

    1. Once I know the class has its final mark I will turn my account back to private. I hate that some videos have 500 reviews; I’m such a self conscious person and I can’t control much on there. However in order for me to share my videos my account has to be public.

      I wish I could share samples too, my waistline would appreciate not eating all this cake lol!

  3. SO DANG PROUD IS RIGHT! That is incredible. I could watch you bake and decorate all day. I love this. This is a skill that you have clearly worked hard to master. I smell a side hustle in your future.

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