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The Legend of the Yarn

In the video above I talk about my knitting journey to date. Please have a watch and let me know what you think.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I am not a good visual learner when it comes to something intricate like knitting. I found it very difficult to figure out what they were doing in the videos until I had a knitting project in my hands.

With my newest project I am not really knitting anything, I am trying to get through the whole ball of yarn so I can learn how to add another ball of yarn to an existing project. This endeavor has taken me forever, but it has been pretty cool to see the progress as this piece of knitting gets longer.

I made a few posts on Twitter – including the author of “Fish Out of Water” Joanne Levy. Not only did she respond but she retweeted with a response. I thought that was pretty awesome.

For the rest of this project, I think I will continue with creating my “thought” videos, and will start to write reflections on my learning. My biggest worry about the project is how long it actually takes to knit, but I am determined to stick with it.

What do you think I should try next? I’ve been looking at knitting a toque and learning the long tail cast on using the video below. Any thoughts? Advice?


  1. Kelly

    Chris, this is excellent progress! This is way more than I ever got to when I attempted to knit. I like your honesty in your posts and especially your hashtag. It’s also interesting to me how you figured out more of the type of learner you are. Do you think your learning type changes based upon whatever you are trying to learn? Sometimes I feel like I learn in different ways depending on what I am doing, and sometimes, even after this many years of learning, I find myself surprised at how I finally figured something out and what learning style I used. I look forward to reading your blog posts each week! When moving here shortly, if I come across all that knitting stuff I bought once in hopes of making it a hobby (probably under the stairs somewhere), I’ll interoffice it to you. Seems better that someone will actually use it.

  2. Lynnette Farris

    Chris your video made me giggle, but in good ways! I think this project is such an authentic endeavor based on an amazing story. Are you keeping your students in the loop? (haha)
    You are well on your way to small blankets, pot holders, and placemats! A toque would be awesome! I am looking forward to more videos and the time lapse as well. This project is ‘on point’!

    • Christopher Weber

      Haha, Thanks Lynette, I think it is “on Point” as well – love the pun. On the week-end I bought the needles that will make toque knitting a little easier. Can’t wait to start!

  3. Katherine Mihial

    I think you should be proud of how far you’ve come thus far! I know that my mom always says that having consistent “tension” is one of the trickiest parts of knitting and crocheting so that your rows are neat and tidy. I am not helpful when it comes to giving any tips or pointers, however I am now invested in your journey. I can’t wait to see what you’re able to produce in the following weeks ahead!

  4. Riley WC

    Chris! Nice scarf! Adding a new ball of yarn to the existing one is no biggie, you just tie your ends together (from the old ball to the new one) and keep on trucking. Make sure you leave enough yarn from the old ball to have some yarn to weave into your scarf so it doesn’t stick out, more is better than less it can always be trimmed off. Your videos are great so far I’m looking forward to more progress videos!

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