Learning Project #5

It’s time to continue working on my next learning project blog. I wanted to record my learning experience in a different way this week. As I was exploring different resources, I was intrigued to learn about Canva. I heard a lot of good stuff about it lately, so I thought to explore.  I decided to document my this week’s learning project using Canva. As I had access to it, I didn’t  find it difficult to get started, just required any option for login, I used my email and used some features for my recent blog.
I wanted to experiment with some clothes embroidery this week, so I decided to do embroidery on my daughter’s tees. She expressed her interest having some roses, so I drew a small pattern and framed it with the t-shirt. I followed the same rose embroidery pattern which I learnt  in my previous blog. I have also attached another video for my recent week inspiration.


The supplies I needed were thread, frame, needle, and a t-shirt. I drew the pattern on the shirt and started my embroidery.

I recorded my work through Canva as I didn’t have any videos yet in my post, so I thought I would have a new experience. It was very quick and turn-out amazing! I have attached my learning project below, it was fun learning about Canva!



Exploring S’more Digital World!

This post is the sequence of my last learning project # 4, to update my progress regarding using Smore. I was excited about learning to make a flyer, using Smore . To get started, I just used my email account to login and no further details were required. After logging in, I found  different templates as I mentioned in my previous blog.

(all screenshots are from Smore official websites)


I decided to use the weekly updates template and found it easy to navigate through each step. At first I selected my title and added an image as you have the option to choose your own header or upload from the device. I chose my background provided through Smore album and changed colors & the font. I shared some screen shots taken while I was subbing, taken upon the request of a class teacher and had a permission before sharing in my newsletter for learning purposes. As I proceeded, all directions were very straightforward till the end of your newsletter. There’re multiple options to share via email, through social media or in printing pdf form. It was very simple & easy to create my weekly newsletter, and I had really fun making it!

I’ve attached my newsletter copy below, hopefully it’s appealing to my students attention!

Loading indicator


Learning Project #4

Use of multiple digital apps have modified teachers’ way of teaching and their student’s learning. I believe digital learning has provided a convenient platform for almost everyone who has access to it, and also helped teachers to be multitasking at one time. They only need to explore and find the right option. As I searched about different digital media apps to choose one that I have never tried before, I decided to write about Smore.


Smore is a convenient way to create some flyers, classroom newsletters, some book reviews & assessments etc. (screen shots for all pics. from Smores’ website)

It can also be used for remote learning to plan some assignments.

Smore can be used for free and with certain price packages based on your school/division preferences. I find it interesting to create different flyers; to introduce yourself to your class & their families, to make some class rules to display, or to provide updates to class families on a weekly basis. You can use different images and highlight some main events to make it attractive and colorful. It’s very easy to use, you can just make an account to get started. You also have an option to use it individually or as a team. I have a plan to explore more about Smore and will make my next post regarding my progress on it. Stay tuned!

Digital Learning

Digital media and the use of technology has elevated our living in multiple ways; we can learn online, communicate easily, use multiple online resources to run our life by sitting home,… etc. It’s interesting how Michael Wesch in his video (An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube) describes the new culture of media as “……..the replication and the spreading of happiness……celebration of new forms of empowerment ……a celebration of new and unimagined possibilities.”
He further described “….media is not the content, media is not just the tool of community, I think the media mediates human relationships and when media stops human relationships stops.”
There’s no doubt that media & technology brought people closer by eliminating the distance barriers.

In regards to the use of digital tools in my future classroom, I would say it’s inevitable. In the digital world, I will try to promote digital learning as much as possible because its fun to learn via technology. There are different learning apps kids use to improve literacy, reading, math’s by using Raz kids, Mathletics, Epic or any other learning apps. I observed that kids enjoy learning through any digital apps.

Another good point is that, It’s convenient to reach out to parents using digital tools; Edsby/ Seesaw or through any other digital apps, approved by their school division.





(hyperlinked in MS)

These days, we can’t ignore the importance of including digital learning, but we have to be aware of the challenges we can come across. I believe we’re one global community, but it requires a big responsibility for how to use it properly. In my opinion, each parent/adult needs to teach their kids about some healthy boundaries and safety concerns. If we teach our kids about digital boundaries and a responsible use of media, it can be helpful to keep balance in our life.
Toni Bates in his open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age talks about how to keep balance in the digital age. In the topic,  About the book and how to use it,  he explains about the use of technology as, “It’s about helping your students to develop the knowledge and skills they will need; not so much digital skills but thinking and knowledge that will bring them success in a digital age.”



(Book Title & the title page was linked using MS)

Hand Embroidery

It was exciting to select my next hand embroidery blog. I learnt about some floral embroidery last week, I planned to have learning about leaves embroidery, for this week’s post. While I was searching for some instruction videos, I found an interesting youtubers page, where she has posted not only her instructions, but she also attached a free pattern to  print out. If you just hit the link provided or search @NeyCrafts, you’ll be able to find all her creative work along with her social media networking guide & links. She also has some other good craft ideas and small embroidery business ideas there. I found it interesting, so I thought of sharing.


After printing my pattern on the cloth, I gathered some supplies. I used 5 strands of thread, a piece of cloth, a scissor, and a frame.


I started to follow the instructions for Fish Bone Stitch, Stem Stitch, Back Stitch, Lazy Daisy, and Satin Stitch. I played around with my phone camera to highlight, by using crop & modify option.

I really had fun exploring and learning  more about embroidery. It seems a bit difficult before starting, but as I kept going, I enjoyed it. I found it a bit time taking because of some detail work, but overall I had fun!!


Hand Embroidery

It’s time to take my next step in learning about hand embroidery. Following a period of reflection, I decided to create some floral designs as I wanted to learn about how to stitch simple flowers. I selected the video for some guidance after browsing on you tube.

I chose a few stitches because I wanted to stitch them on my kitchen towel. I used multicolored/tie dye thread that complimented my cloth.

After drawing a few flowers, I started to follow instructions provided in the video.
The flower patterns were woven rose stitch, daisy satin stitch and sunflower lazy daisy stitch. I used 5 strands multi-colored threads to make it colorful. I spent some time understanding each step before to get started. The cutest of all flowers was a rose for me but I enjoyed making daisy satin stitch. It was very quick to make and elegant after!

The Significance of Technology

Technology has a crucial role in elevating our life in multiple ways, both personally and academically. It has contributed to provide various flexible communication tools, learning resources, and entertainment gadgets. We can manage many things at home with different online tech tools but we can’t ignore some negative impacts if we’re not responsible enough to use it. I believe it has more positive aspects if we use it carefully.

The digital tools that I use mostly are for both purposes, academic and leisure. In general, I spend more time for leisure purposes. Most commonly apps I use are Microsoft, Google Chrome, WhatsApp to communicate with family, friends, staff/colleagues. I also use you tube for entertainment and Skype/zoom/Pinterest for academic purposes.

Some other tools that I use to manage my life include smart things(to keep track of my household stuff), phone alarms(to be on track/time daily basis), and notes to keep records of all upcoming events, appointments/tasks and also for some handy info. I rely on these tools a lot as they’re very helpful to organize almost every things in my life.

In my opinion, there should be moderation in the use of technology. Each social media app can be destructive if we’re being obsessed with it/ not paying attention to some careful boundaries. One of the apps that distracts me is YouTube as I spend a lot of time on it watching podcasts, entertainment shows, and TikTok videos. The screenshot for my recent weekly report can show how much screen time usually have.

I try to keep balance for screen free time and take a break and spend time outside in nature but it’s challenging to be away from technology for a long time.

Hand Embroidery

Since last year I was thinking about how to do hand embroidery and I was determined to teach my kids as well. I was wondering how to get started but couldn’t make it up. As I came to know about our learning project then after thinking about a couple choices I chose to plan on how to do hand embroidery. I was excited and started to search for some videos  about it and started to look for supplies.

The supplies I needed to get started with were some threads, needles, frame, scissors. I also got some perchman paper as I have seen in my childhood. Some professionals used to use that to make some patterns. I remember that they used to trace their designs on parchment paper and then prick them with needles to reuse their patterns. They also used to have some chalk or ink to copy their patterns on different clothes. Hopefully I’ll use that, to make some patterns in my future projects. For today’s learning I started to practise only 5 stitches.
Back stitch, running, split, stem, and chain.

I’ve attached the video where I got inspiration from. Its basic Embroidery Stitches for Beginners by Rivers Birch Threads. There were many to watch but I chose this as it was very short and quick to watch.

Material resources:


Uzma Farhat Blog

I love being a teacher and enjoy working with children and helping them in their learning. With the growing age of technology I have noticed that children are smarter than before and you need multiple ways to keep them engaged. The motivation to be in this course is also to learn about some new tech resources and how to use them in the classroom. Though I’m not a tech person, I enjoy knowing about technology depending upon the need. If there’s any app I am required to use for some educational purposes I will prefer to try to learn about it as soon as possible so I can use it properly. Some of my favorite tools I use are Chrome, Gmail, Microsoft360, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I use Chrome when I’m required to find information. It’s very convenient to download some patterns and images from Pinterest for print out/ educational purposes. I take help from you tube in the classroom for reading aloud, for some brain breaks and sometimes as a time filler to to have some art hub videos. I’m not very active on social media apps but some of the apps I have are Skype, WhatsApp, and zoom to communicate. I’m excited to be in this course and look forward to exploring more resources!


Resources for images used: