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I Scaler GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYam from a science background and during my graduation in engineering I was introduced to coding. I heard it from my peers who were learning to code and were actually enjoying it. I tried to learn C and C++ but unfortunately at that time, it was not for me. I didn’t enjoy the whole process of it and because of this I never tried to actually learn to code. I was not able to understand the actual context of things and terms that were used in coding. So, my first impression of coding was not a good one and I just ran away from it…

But when I was teaching in India, I came across the website and sources of coding in an easy and enjoyable way. I really think those are very creative ways of learning to code. The whole process of this is super engaging and interesting. I really enjoyed Hour of Code and I think it is a beneficial tool for students. Especially students like me who are not at all interested in this field.

Coding GIFs | TenorCoding and Makerspace are engaging and interesting. It makes learning so much fun and I think it is a skill that this modern world demands. Coding is considered a way through which we create and build things that can be used on computers. It is like the language of the computer through which we can communicate with the device… So in order to have fruitful communication, I think the person who is friendly with that language then that individual should teach coding. As I said it is like a language and like English or Hindi is taught by an individual who has complete knowledge of it, the same goes with coding.


  • Children learn to problem-solve
  • Teach them to try try again
  • Nurturing creativity
  • Makes maths fun
  • Logical thinking

The article from which was mentioned by my peers also wrote that coding provides students with skills that apply across content areas. By learning to tell machines what to do, students engage in problem-solving and computational thinking, which apply to academic and professional disciplines across the board. Coding instruction can begin as young as 5 years old., for example, has a full offering of courses for grades K to 5. While reading and researching this context more, I found an article that talks about the ways of teaching coding to preschoolers. I was shocked after reading this article that coding can be taught to any kid and now it is not a grade constraint activity. I believe that just as learning a new language fosters our new abilities and enhances our memory and learning abilities; coding also benefits us in the same manner. It provides a path that improves a unique set of skills that support emotional health, learning abilities, social skills, and executive functioning Nowadays, with so many options available to learn to code. I think it is a way of giving kids something enjoyable to do which will also be educational and help them to learn.

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