New Beginnings: Emma Takes on Blogging


Hello everyone, 

My name is Emma Metz, and I am a second-year education student at the University of Regina. Currently, I am in the early elementary program, with aspirations of teaching grades 1 through 3! In my free time, you can find me helping out at the family farm, reading a book at the library, hanging out at the cabin, or playing a *highly competitive* game of crib with my grandmothers.  

An image of myself

This spring, I had the opportunity to work as an instructor at Educating Youth in Engineering and Science (EYES) camp. As a STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – based program, I had to quickly become familiar with various forms of technology such as Ozobots, Micro:bits, Spheros, and Bloxels. Prior to this position, the only technological experience I had was with either a phone or a laptop. Therefore, it was an extremely eye-opening experience to be able to immerse myself in a new world of technology. Although daunting, the young learners immediately fell in love with the technology-based content, and – after learning the failures and triumphs that come with troubleshooting – I quickly fell in love with it too.  

An image of myself blowing fire as an EYES summer camp instructor

Going forward, I am extremely excited to document my learning in our EDTC 300 class throughout the semester. Although the process of blogging is something I am gradually warming up to, I cannot wait to learn from each other through our classroom community. In the blogging realm, I love reading online content from educational Instagram sources such as kidtalk.co, decolonizemyself, feminist, and the.holistic,psychologist. Although these resources are not explicitly considered blogs, they post daily content that is personal, engaging, and directly transferable to classroom environments.  

Thank you so much for reading! I cannot wait to learn with all of you this semester 😊. 


*All of the images on this page are my own*


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