EDTC300,  My Learning Project

Part 5: Learning All About Landscapes


“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands”

Leonardo da Vinci


Welcome everyone,

Today, I am going to try and push myself outside of my comfort zone by creating a PixilArt landscape. Last week, I really enjoyed the ClipChamp program, so I am going to use the same video software to document my progress!

As demonstrated in the video, I began by looking up various PixilArt landscapes to gain inspiration. After doing some digging on Reddit website, I found a link to an amazing blog, called SLYNRD, that goes through various tutorials such as animated, static, and mini PixilArt projects. It was just my luck that the author provided a landscape pixeling blog, so I had the opportunity to learn and follow along using only this resource.

Although I want to say that the tutorial was easy to follow along with… it was not. Instead of providing a video, the tutorial was a continuous Patreon presentation on loop that could not be paused. The slides – having roughly 10 seconds on content each – moved far too quick for me to follow along and/or keep up with. If I missed a step or demonstration, I had to watch the whole loop again until I got back to that point. After getting frustrated, I just decided to stop watching the tutorial and try to figure out the process – specifically the clouds – on my own. Though I had troubles following the tutorial, I am extremely happy with how my project turned out.

The finished product:

My PixilArt Landscape
My PixilArt Landscape

Now, I want to try something new for next week… and I need your help. What should I create next?! Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you so much for reading. Have an amazing week!


  • Chantelle Turner

    Your landscape turned out amazing! Great job on the clouds, especially since you taught yourself that step! How frustrating to not be able to pause at a spot during a video and then have to rewatch the entire loop to get back to where you wanted to be!
    I scrolled back to your first post and and my school in Estevan promoted the EYES summer camps. How fun that you worked there!
    Do you plan to try creating any animals using PixilArt? I see you’ve created a flower and a landscape so maybe an animal of some sort next? I’m partial to cats or dogs, but wouldn’t be opposed to seeing an Apatosaurus either!
    Have fun on your continued journey. You are doing a wonderful job!

  • Emma Metz

    Chantelle, I must say you are a genius! I haven’t thought of incorporating animals or critters into my PixilArt work, however, you have given me such a great idea. THANK YOU! I am also partial to cats or dogs, so I think I am going to start there! However… an Apatosaurus does not sound like a bad idea 🤔🦖. Haha! Thank you a MILLION for your kind words and I hope you stay tuned for next week!

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