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Hello everyone, 

Today I am going to be trying out a new video recording app called Clipchamp. Clipchamp is a downloadable Microsoft program that lets you record your own audio, desktop, and front camera… or if you are feeling fancy, you can record all three of these things at the same time. There is even a text to speech function!  

Screenshot of from desktop of the Microsoft Clipchamp PC app
A screenshot from my desktop of the Microsoft ClipChamp PC app

Although Clipchamp is a Microsoft program, you do not need a Microsoft account to use it. All I did was download the Clipchamp PC app onto my computer, and it gave me the option to either create a new profile or log in using a Microsoft or Gmail account. Since Gmail is a free to use platform already, you can essentially get Clipchamp for free so long as you have an existing account. There is also an “Upgrade” option, however, nothing within the list of upgrades will affect your overall experience within the app. You can make unlimited videos, with unlimited time restraints, all within this one – free – platform.  

As future educators – specifically in the digital age – this is an AMAZING tool for creating online lectures and/or video guides. If you bring a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation onto your desktop, you can record a digital lesson – with the option of – using your self-facing camera and audio that can play in the place of an in-person lecture. If any of you have taken an asynchronous class or have watched video tutorials on YouTube before, then this video-recorded lecture format may be familiar to you.  

On the topic of using Clipchamp in the classroom, I provided an example of how Clipchamp can be used to fit each level of the SAMR model below:  

  • Substitution: The ability to teach a lecture digitally versus in person 
  • Augmentation: The ability to go back and edit and/or fix mistakes in a lecture 
  • Modification: The ability for students to collaborate with peers and create multimedia projects online 
  • Redefinition: The ability for students to collaborate globally on video projects  

Overall, the Clipchamp PC app is a relatively easy program to navigate. Without any sort of tutorial, it took me roughly 15 minutes to figure out the basics. From there, I was flying through the process. To give you an example of Clipchamp in action, I have linked Part 4 of my learning project below. I hope you enjoy!  





  • Kylee

    Hi Emma, thanks for sharing this app! It looks it would be great to incorporate in the classroom. I’ve never heard of it, and now I’m intrigued and want to check it out and put it to use. I also like what you made on pixel art it looks awesome.

  • Inemesit Ekaette

    Hi Emma!
    This seems to be an amazing app. I haven’t heard about this app, though it seems to have similar features to the WeVideo app. I will explore this Clipchamp app as well.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

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