Assessment Strategies

Indigenous Perspectives

Aboriginal Perspectives

This website contains numerous traditional Indigenous games and activities that can be linked to the curriculum. It contains videos, lessons, and additional resources that can aid in bringing Indigenous ways of knowing and treaty education into the classroom. I used this resource by incorporating this game into an addition lesson for grade 2 math.

Instructional Practices

Powerful Instructional Practices: A Resource for Teachers and Administrators

This is a document by the Ministry of Education that introduces and explains a variety of instructional methods and how they engage 4 types of thinking including knowledge acquisition, cognitive processes, metacognitive processes, and dispositions. It is beneficial for educators as it provides strategies that may aid in engaging in the adaptive dimension. This resource was beneficial because it provided a variety of instructional strategies that I attempted to incorporate into lessons to reach a variety of learning styles.

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

This document defines inclusive attitudes, beliefs, and approaches and how to incorporate these within a classroom. Not only does this document give educators ideas on how to create a safe and welcoming space for all students, but the ideas can be tied into health and social lessons by sharing the concepts with students in a grade-appropriate way.

Adaptive Dimension

This document by the Ministry of Education outlining ways to adjust the learning environment, instruction, and assessment in order to make learning meaningful and relevant for all students.