I am going on a technology adventure will you come with me?

Month: January 2022

A journey always starts with the first step.

This week I have been focused on clarifying my vision for my major project. In a nutshell I want to continue on a project I started last year. In our school division we suffered a terrible loss when our Elder passed away in . I got to know him very well when we worked together with Help Me Tell My Story initiative. In his honor I wanted to continue to support his dream of First Nation cultural permeation within our school division. How is this achieved when we are in a middle of a health crisis? It is a reality in the current climate that it has been difficult to bring First Nation Knowledge Keepers and Elders into our buildings due to the pandemic. It’s crucial that we keep people safe at the same time it is essential that we continue to make positive steps regarding introducing First Nation Culture in our schools.

I have always thought that technology could be used positively to bring people together when it comes to First Nation permeation in our schools. That said I have come to realize that for such a complex initiative to be successful there is one element that must occur and that is trust. The initiative will only grow momentum when you foster a trusting relationship with the First Nation community. So I have reached out to our school division Knowledge Keeper and he has been a wonderful support.

I have found a really interesting article regarding four pillars necessary to build long term trust with the community through the use of technology.


I have also realized that guidelines, procedures and policies must be clearly outlined when working with First Nation communities. This is not a situation where you can just “wing it”. The rules that our set out by the First Nation community must be followed closely. So, I have started this journey. I am wondering what our your thoughts regarding First Nation permeation in schools. I welcome any of your thoughts on what have been your challenges and successes when supporting First Nation community in having a voice within our schools?

It’s a pleasure to meet you

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself I am Gerry. I have been in education for over two decades. I reside in Moose Jaw and I am currently part of the Tech Team in our school division. Many people have asked me, “why are you going back to school”? That’s a good question for many of my colleagues that are in my shoes are thinking about retirement. My answer is rather simple. I feel that I still have something to offer to our students and colleagues. I have started taking courses because we need to respond to the challenges that are present in education today. Many people may think that the pandemic is what I am referring to. They would be partially correct in that assumption. I would like to add that there are many other issues facing education and students during this present day.

I believe in my heart that technology can be used in such a manner that it can facilitate interpersonal relationships. We are always told that nutritious foods are the foundation for healthy eating habits.

You can’t eat poorly and expect that your going to feel physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually well. Likewise, if people today are not engaged in selecting the appropriate type of technology and strategies, you can expect adverse consequences.

My passion is on how do we help our students and colleagues when it comes to using technology in a way that will help enlighten and enrich their lives. To do this I need your insight. I welcome your input on my blog. The more input the better. To start this journey I have one humble question?

What do our students need to learn regarding technology that is essential for this day in age?

I can be also be reached on my Twitter feed.