I am going on a technology adventure will you come with me?

It’s a pleasure to meet you

Hello Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself I am Gerry. I have been in education for over two decades. I reside in Moose Jaw and I am currently part of the Tech Team in our school division. Many people have asked me, “why are you going back to school”? That’s a good question for many of my colleagues that are in my shoes are thinking about retirement. My answer is rather simple. I feel that I still have something to offer to our students and colleagues. I have started taking courses because we need to respond to the challenges that are present in education today. Many people may think that the pandemic is what I am referring to. They would be partially correct in that assumption. I would like to add that there are many other issues facing education and students during this present day.

I believe in my heart that technology can be used in such a manner that it can facilitate interpersonal relationships. We are always told that nutritious foods are the foundation for healthy eating habits.

You can’t eat poorly and expect that your going to feel physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually well. Likewise, if people today are not engaged in selecting the appropriate type of technology and strategies, you can expect adverse consequences.

My passion is on how do we help our students and colleagues when it comes to using technology in a way that will help enlighten and enrich their lives. To do this I need your insight. I welcome your input on my blog. The more input the better. To start this journey I have one humble question?

What do our students need to learn regarding technology that is essential for this day in age?

I can be also be reached on my Twitter feed.

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  1. Christine Bruce

    Hi Gerry! It is so great to see someone from our division taking the same course! I appreciate your references to nutritious foods become foundations for healthy lives, this made a lot of sense when thinking about technology, To offer my suggestion/thoughts of what students need in this day in age to obtain some digital literacy I think of early elementary to grade 4. First students need to learn the basics from logging on, to finding a picture, copying and pasting, learning how to navigate google docs, typing, manipulating pictures/objects, inserting videos, etc. There are so many little steps that need to happen in the elementary level before they enter middle school or the more advanced apps. Sure kids can easily play kahoot but we need to set them up for the more academic stuff as well. Lastly I am so grateful for an almost 1:1 computer ratio (thanks so our SCC and school division) but that is not always the case but it is crucial to move forward with this in all our classrooms.

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