When Did Tech Become so Crucial?

The apps, websites, and online platforms I frequent the most in my life vary depending on the day. However, I will chronically use online reading platforms, streaming or gaming apps, and Google Docs. I use a reading platform, such as Archive of Our Own (AO3) for leisure. I will frequent Disney+ and Netflix to watch TV shows and movies for leisure. I will also use YouTube for leisure and academic pursuits, as I will watch podcasts, documentaries, informational, and sketch comedy videos. I also have a variety of gaming apps on my phone that I rotate throughout the day when I get bored. Lastly, I frequent apps like Google Docs, Noteshelf 2 app, and  NaturalReader for academics. 

When it comes to staying organized for school, there are a few different apps I use for school. The first is Google Calendar, which I

Screenshot of Natural readers. Shows the different ways a reading can be added.
Screenshot of the different ways readings can be added to the app.

enjoy because it can be used on all devices. Secondly, I have been using the NaturalReader app on my phone, which is a text-to-speech app. This app does have in-app purchases to access all the features it has. However, there are certain things, like paying to have it read out documents with photos, that you can bypass using the camera scanner feature, as seen on the side. There is also a Chrome extension available for it. Lastly, I use Assignment Planner, a simple app that allows you to input the assignments and exams you have due. I like this app as each assignment is placed and colour-coordinated into its class and a widget is available for the home and lock screen to display assignments due soon. 

Screenshot of phone. Shows app named planner, with headers for exams, assignments, and classes
Screenshot of the planner app I use for my exams and assignments.

As I stated, Disney+ is an app I frequent, and currently the TV series 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Lonestar has become a distraction. Occasionally, I can have a video or TV show playing while I do school work and other chores and it does not distract me. On other days when this is not possible I leave my phone in another room while I spend a given amount of time on the activity I need to do. Other times, I will go to a new space to complete my work. AO3 has also become a distraction recently. For this distraction, I will set a timer or chapter limit before I start reading, or, again leave my phone in a different room. 

Throughout my time at university, I have had to learn how to set boundaries from my screen for school purposes as I would spend unhealthy amounts of time working on assignments and coursework. This has led me to create a boundary of not using technology for school before 10 am and after 8 pm, except for classes. I have also developed a strategy of breaking my assignments into steps, picking 2-3 steps to complete, then taking a small break by reading a chapter, watching TikTok, or doing a chore. For larger breaks, I will watch an episode, or make food.

One thought on “When Did Tech Become so Crucial?

  1. Hey Hailey, This is such a good blog post. Definitley going to check out this planner app. I love being able to check off boxes when I finish things… I think this is exaclty what I need.
    Also, i never think of things the other way… that someone could be so focused on school work that they don’t prioritize other things. Like phone time. I am the opposite. My phone seems to control my life. Teach me you ways! I truly wish I could leave my phone in another room like you. I am on Maternity leave and for some reason have trouble doing it.

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