My Experience Walking the Line

Since I started dabbling in makeup, I’ve always felt like a sharp eyeliner can improve a look immensely. This belief, alongside a very busy week, is why I decided to focus on trying new eyeliner looks. As eyeliner is a skill I have practiced in the past before and love doing, I chose more advanced eyeliner looks to try. 

This week, all my sources came from Pinterest, as I found it difficult to follow step-by-step videos to do eyeliner. Following a photo was still difficult but better than following a video, as I could zoom into each part and get a closer look at how the liner should be. 

On May 23rd, I had more time and also was not going anywhere, so I decided to try two different looks. The first photo I used was from ColourPop.

Close up of closed eye. Bright blue liner along the upper lash line and making a wing. At the end of the wing, there is a line straight across to the inner eye.
1st eyeliner look on May 23rd

I found the curve portion of this liner difficult to do. However, I think if I did it again, I would place a dot where I want the line to start and end. I tried this later in the week and it helped me get the lines how and where I wanted them. 

The second photo I used was easier to follow. I, again, struggled to make a curve on the longer line connected to the wing. However, I felt the curve on the inner corner went well, probably due to it being a smaller line. 

Close up of closed eye. Pink eyeliner on upper lash line. Makes a wing with a line at the end of the wing going about halfway into the lid. Small curved line near top of the inner corner.
2nd liner look I tried on the 23rd.

The third look I did was using this reference photo. Before finding the photo I used, I tried out two different eyeliner looks that I could not do. I eventually found this one and it was the easiest reference I followed this week. With this look, q-tips came in very handy as I kept making the liner a little too thick and too far into the lid. 

Close up of closed eye. Black liner along the upper lash line making a wing. small line starting at end of wing, going a little into the lid.
Liner look from May 24th

The fourth liner look I did was a simple wing with no reference as I was in a rush to get to work. 

Close up of closed eye. Small black wing along upper lashline.
Eyeliner I did on May 25th before work.

Lastly, I used this photo to create a look. I had a lot of fun trying this one out and found it easy, as it required a simple wing and the other lines followed parallel to it. This was also the look I put dots on the start and end of where I wanted the liner. It helped curve the line along the bottom lash. My main issue with this look was the white liner I used as it was not sticking to my lid very well, but coated my lashes. 

Close up of closed eye. White wing along upper lash line. light pink less than symbol on inner corner. Hot pink line following wing and eye on outer corner.
Eyeliner look I did on the 26th.
Tip I learned this week:
  1. Place dots where you want the line, then connect the dots.

I had a lot of fun this week experimenting with different eyeliner looks and plan to do the same next week as I will be busy again. However, I am excited for June as I will finally have time to adventure into new makeup territory- foundation, contour, and concealer!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “My Experience Walking the Line

  1. Hi Hailey! Great job on your blog so far! I love seeing all of your progress photos. You are up to date on all of your posts so far, except I am not seeing the post about the culture of particiaption (Wesch) – but you still have time so I look forward to reading your thoughts on that!! Awesome job!

  2. I loved all your pictures! What a great idea to add tape to the corner of your eye to have a crisper line!

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