All Rain Turns to Rainbows

For my learning adventure this week, I focused on pride-inspired makeup using a couple of sources from YouTube. The first look I tried came from the creator Chloe Morello, and I was scared to start.

I had expected it to be difficult to follow the video and get the eye look similar. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this video easier to follow than any others I have used for this project. This video did not include visual markers for where to place the makeup, but she provided verbal directions and kept the footage on her eyes the entire time. It also helped that she went from the lightest to the darker colours, as it was easy to go back and add or blend them out.

close up of a slightly open eye. The lid has colour red, orange, yellow and green, with pink, purple and blue on the under eye. There is also a wing
Rainbow eye look done on June 4.

 For this lookI used four different pallets and about 17 colours. This is the most I have ever used and I absolutely love the outcome of the look. 

Sheglam Fin Within Palette from Shein.
ELF 18 Hit Wonders Pallet from Walmart.
Beauty Glazed Colour Cube from Amazon.
Glazzi 99 Colors Eyeshadow Palette from Amazon.








The second video I used this week came from the creator Alexandra Anele, and included three different graphic eyeliner looks.

I decided to try out the first look and adapted it to how I wanted it. Rather than doing rainbow dots, I changed it to rainbow hearts. I found this look easy, as I just had to place a dot, and then make two lines that joined at the dots.

It was also a fun and subtle way to show pride at work. This is a look I recommend for beginners as it does not take much to do and the video is easy to follow.

Close up of slightly open eye with rainbow hearts along the wing line.
Rainbow look done on June 5.

The next video I used came from maybelinenewyork, but the person who did the look was Gabriel Zamora. I found this video harder to follow as the camera kept pulling in and out of his eyes. This made it difficult to know if I was putting the shadows in the right spot. I was also struggling to get a good pigment with the shadows as they were no sticking to the eye. Usually in this case, I would prime the lid with either primer or concealer, but I forgot them at my apartment. This was probably my least favourite look all week, as it did not come out how I hoped. 

close up of closed eye. yellow on the inner corner, green in the middle of the lid, and blue along the outside.
The left side of the rainbow look I did on June 6th.
Close up of slightly open eye. yellow on inner corner and slow transitions into a redish pink.
The right side of a rainbow look I did on June 6



The rainbow eye look together from June 6th.

On the 7th, I made a second attempt at the rainbow look from Chloe Morello. I found it even easier to do as I had tried it before. I also did not need to use as many pallets this time as I was able to get all the colours really pigmented by spraying the brush with setting spray and priming my lids. 

close up of a slightly open eye. The lid has colour red, orange, yellow and green, with pink, purple and blue on the under eye. There is also a wing.
My second attempt on the rainbow eye look from June 7th.

On the 8th, I followed Alexandra Anele’s video again, this time using the colours of the Pansexual flag. I, again, created hearts and found this look easy to follow. 

My second attempt at the dot liner look on June 8th.

Lastly, I created a look without using a source. I just made a small black wing, then made hearts along the top of the wing. I found this look really cute and easy to complete.

Close up of closed eyes. a black wing with hearts in the colour of the rainbow along the wing.
Makeup look from June 9. No source used.

Here are a few tips I learned this week:

  1. If your a beginner, use setting powder to make to make it less tacky and easier to blend
  2. Use tape on the outer corner to sharpen look and on the undereye to catch fallout
  3. Can go back with previous colours to help blend out colours
  4. Keep makeup wipes close, makes for easy clearing of brushes
  5. White primer can help make colours pop

I had a lot of fun with this week’s looks. I was planning on learning how to do a full face of  makeup this week. However, I am at my parents and forgot the majority of the makeup I need. Thus, I will probably focus on either pride looks or a more natural look for my cousins grad.

2 thoughts on “All Rain Turns to Rainbows

  1. Hi Hailey, this is a really great post! I loved how you tried multiple different looks this week, and that they used different skills. I find colourful makeup looks like these to be incredibly difficult, so it was so great to see your tips at the end of the post. I might have to give some of these looks a try myself. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love seeing your posts and all the different things you tried this week. Great photos and excellent tips at the end!

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