Justin Guitar Does Ukulele Too

This week I looked into an online resource called Justin Guitar-20 Years. This is an online website where Justin the creator of it teaches you how to play the ukulele. Since getting acrylic nails last week I have been focusing back on the basics, strumming, finger placement on frets, and picking.

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I enjoyed the layout of this website it is easy to locate and navigate the different options. I like how you don’t have to make an account, there is the option to but it is not required. If you want to use the discussion or notes feature you will have to make an account. There are videos located on YouTube that play directly on the website so you don’t have to open a new tab which I like. In the ‘learn more’ section there is a written description of what you will be learning and some different tips and tricks.

There are eight different modules which vary from four minutes to twelve. They are pretty simple and can be completed in a quick amount of time if you are busy. This week I was super busy with multiple assignments due as well as coaching volleyball. I did lack a bit practicing Friday-Sunday as the team I coach was playing in a tournament in Saskatoon and I didn’t bring my ukulele. I didn’t get in as much practice as I would’ve liked but I did practice for around two hours Monday evening. I focused on learning new cords as well as practicing a new song whcih I plan to make a video on next week to update my progress.

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