My journey for the Djembe: Drumming and singing

The Djembe, which consists of a wooden goblet drum covered in animal hide, tuned with ropes running down its sides, is a popular instrument used in Africa since ancient times for many purposes.

Djembe ジャンベ

It is used for long-distance communication, and to transmit to generations important religious, cultural, and historical messages. I grew up seeing people using Djembe to play songs during traditional weddings, and even when there is a newborn in a family or a funeral. I have always been fascinated by the synchronisation of the singing and drumming, but I never had the opportunity to learn how to play a drum.

Hopefully, in my community here in Canada, there are some Djembe that I can use for my learning project with the help of my friends and some Youtube videos such as this one.

My interest in learning how to play a drum has two objectives: (1) it will help me to develop a transdisciplinary and playful project as a teacher to confront the students with humanist values of sharing and fraternity, (2) participate as a drummer in our local community.

As you might know, apart from the Djembe, there are many other materials that are used. Below are some of them:

Some materials needed when drumming and singing with Djembe

To reach this goal of learning how to play songs with Djembe, my plan for the project is as follow:

Learning Plan and work schedule

  1. Project design.
  2. Identification of the instruments that are used with Djembe to produce desired songs
  3. Learning and reproducing different songs from different sources using Djembe alone.
  4. Practices with friends of my community (they have agreed to have me on board)
  5. Drumming and singing during our local cultural event.Work Schedule

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