Learning the basic of Game Programming

1. My experience with coding

I had the opportunity to learn the basics of game programming. I am not really a fan of game, but I was able to do an Hour of Code using code.org. Particularly, I selected the 3D Mario Game which is normally appropriated for grade 2+. As a beginner, I was like a dog watching the TV at the beginning, without understanding what to do. After taking sometimes to understand and doing it many times, I finally completed the 9 steps. I took a screenshot of my progress that can be seen below. Please not that because of space constraint, I am only showing you the screenshot from step 4 to step 9.

Step 4 of 3D Mario Game

Step 5 of 3D Mario Game

Step 6 of 3D Mario Game

Step 7 of 3D Mario Game

Step 8 of 3D Mario Game

Step 9 of 3D Mario Game

2. Importance of Coding for students

Digital technology is an important part of many children’s lives and I think that coding as part of the digital technology is a great way to make students learn how to think and develop skills they will need in the future. Below are some reasons why I think coding is important.

  • Students learn computational thinking: When they learn coding, they develop cognitive skills and learn a methodical problem-solving process that resembles a computer.
  • Students learn to use logic: Logical thinking is necessary for coding.
  • Students learn to solve problems: Coding teaches them to break complex problems into components.
  • Students learn how things work and create things that work: Coding teaches them how to build, using cause and effect to make things work and adapt them to their specific purpose.

Thank you to share your own experience in your comment!.

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