How I contributed to the learning of others in EDTC 300

As we are coming to the end of our class, it a pleasure for me to show you how my interaction with other students and other educators improved my learning. Instead of talking to much, I will limit myself to evidence by providing a link for each of my contribution.

1. Commenting on classmates, blogs

Here, I contributed by commenting and responding to classmate’s blogposts. Specifically, I made 5 comments per week mostly in terms of giving advice, impressions, and encouragement. See the record of my comments here.

2. Interaction with others on Discord

For your convenience, here is a summary of my interaction on Discord with my classmate, where I helped other students or requested for help.

3. Interaction with students and other educators on Twitter.

I contributed to many conversations, participated in education-related chats like #SaskEdChat, answered and/or asked questions to my classmate and other educators, as well as shared articles. This is a video showing my contribution on Twitter.

Knowing that I did not know anything about blog and twitter, I should say that I learned a lot and I hope that this basic knowledge will help me in my daily practice as a future teacher.

Thank you!

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