Raspberry For Your Muffin?

For this week’s blog on my learning project, I went to Pinterest to scavenge for another recipe. What I found was a white chocolate and raspberry muffin recipe. Like the many times before, I didn’t have the proper chocolate chips that the recipe called for, so I used semi-sweet chips instead. This recipe was different from what I’m used to baking on my spare time, so it seemed like a fun challenge!!

Recipe pin from Pinterest

Guess what? I actually did have raspberries! Not fresh ones, like I had hoped. We had some frozen left over from last summer so I thawed them out to fold into my batter. Here’s the thing: the raspberries were frozen, right? Once they were no longer frozen, the consistency could have been compared to soup. They had all fallen apart after being frozen. The raspberries may not have been fresh like I had hoped, but don’t fret!

Funny enough, because the consistency of the fruit was different, it ended up turning all my batter a purple colour!

Mixing time

Out of the oven











It is to my belief that perhaps I hadn’t used enough baking powder (after following the recipe as best I could with my resources at home). The muffins didn’t really rise much in the oven. They sort of look like little pink hockey pucks, haha! They had the proper consistency that a muffin entails, they were just a little flat-faced. The flavour of the semi-sweet chocolate chips were very strong compared to the raspberries, so the raspberry flavour got a little lost along the way. It wasn’t my favourite this time, but definitely not the worst!

100% a learning experience for next time. Considering the outcome compared to my other learning project posts, I would rate this one a 6/10. I’m glad that I was able to pinpoint where to improve for next time– if I decide to give this muffin recipe another crack. Stay tuned for next week!


  • use fresh strawberries
  • find white chocolate chips for next time rather than substitute
  • use more raspberries
  • more baking powder? (use discretion)

One thought to “Raspberry For Your Muffin?”

  1. Hi Jelisa!
    These muffins look amazing! I have never heard of raspberry chocolate chip muffins, but will be trying it! Would you be able to provide the link to the pin so I can access the recipe, please?
    I also love that your muffins came out pink because of the raspberries. I think it makes them look more fun and appetizing! Also, for the chocolate chips, I wonder if you cut down on the amount you used if you could taste the raspberry more?
    I am excited to see what baking you tackle next!

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