“C” is For Cookie

This week, as I continue with my learning project, I decided to bake some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies. My family had quite a bit going on at the house this last week, so I moved locations to my friend’s home to steal her kitchen for about an hour, haha.

My project this week turned out well, I think. I felt a bit out of place using appliances and ingredients that hadn’t been in my own home, but that meant my friend could sit back and enjoy the cookie dough when I had my back turned. You could say that it worked out for both of us. The recipe I used I had found scrolling on Pinterest.

I had followed the instructions exact to what the website listed, but the dough did not seem like it was the correct consistency. It seemed a lot more crumbly than usual– I added an extra tablespoon of melted butter and crossed my fingers that the cookies would turn out well in the oven.

Just my luck– they did turn out how I intended! They were rich, chewy, and full of chocolate. I tossed in about a cup of milk chocolate chips, as well as finely chopping half of a bar of dark chocolate. Feeling a little bit fancy, I decided to melt some caramel that my friend had lying around (with permission, of course) on top of the cookies when they cooled.

I pressed the dough into ball form as well as possible (was quite crumbly)
A couple of them got flipped upside down (they have character now, haha)

As it turns out, I did not get the chance to include a last photo with the caramel on top! Oops!

For next week, I’m hoping to find a recipe that will challenge me more. Stay tuned!

4 thoughts to ““C” is For Cookie”

  1. Hi Jelisa,
    Love that you baked cookies this week. The website “Tasty” that you used also has an app that has many easy and quick recipes. Most of their recipes have videos to go with them and reviews from others which are handy also. I was also impressed that you were able to realize that your dough did not look correct and problem solved that before you baked the cookies. Enjoy your baking journey, looking forward to following along with you.

  2. Hi Jelisa!
    Can I come over? LOL I love treats. Especially cookies. I am glad that you were able to realize that something wasn’t quite right and you pivoted to make the recipe what you wanted it to be. I like the screenshots of the website, I think it really helps us understand what you are following.

  3. You can never go wrong with making a great treat, seems like the cookies turned out great! For myself I know I would have to follow step by step or else things would go wrong. I love how this resource made it nice and easy to follow the directions and was easy to follow the whole recipe. Can’t wait to see what is in store for next week!

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