Learning Project Wrap-up

I swear– every year my spring and summer classes fly by so quickly! This is my last post about my learning project. We made it, folks! As part of EDTC300, I was required to learn a skill using online sources and blog about it each week. I chose to bake something different each week– gathering recipes from online tools and sources (DishGen, Pinterest, Youtube).

I chose this topic because baking is a lifelong skill (that I took up already) and wanted to expand my knowledge– and gradually challenge myself as the weeks went on. Was this project a refreshing change from the usual homework? Most of the time, yes, haha. Some days I was excited to be in the kitchen, other days I absolutely did not want to be cooking for hours. Overall, my learning project was a lot of fun. My learning project may be finished, and yet I’m still browsing for more random recipes to try.

Here’s a little recap of my learning project…

EDTC300 Learning Project Recap:

  • Intro to my Learning Project
    • Introduction, deciding which direction I wanted to go
    • Explaining DishGen source
  • Round One: Brownies
    • Discovered DishGen wasn’t a reliable source (limited)
    • Used a brownie recipe from home
    • Reminisced about the quarantine days (not really lol)
    • Recipe included in blog post
  • “C” is For Cookie
    • Chocolate chunk cookies with caramel drizzle (razzle dazzle**)
    • Pinterest source (screenshots in blog)
    • A little touch of problem solving skills
  • Raspberry For Your Muffin?
    • Raspberry white chocolate muffins (turned semi-sweet)
    • Fresh VS. frozen debate
    • Came out looking like pretty pink hockey pucks lol
    • But were yummy!
  • Worms, Dirt, and the Pursuit of Stars
    • Max and Ruby¬†cake (TikTok trend)
    • Utter confusion (coffee? boiling water? what?)
    • Decorating with icing (I am Picasso)
    • Sourced from Instagram reel
  • Last but not Least… Macarons
    • Macarons with French buttercream filling
    • The big build-up
    • Video sourced from Youtube
    • Trial and error


Concluding Thoughts:

  1. I used Pinterest quite a bit as a source for this project. Pinterest can be a very useful tool for a variety of different things (mood boards, “how-to”s and much, much more.
  2. Working with food– more often than not, you are in a fast-pace environment. I like to think that this project helped me with my time-management skills (time will tell, haha), as well as quick reflexes. You need to be able to work under pressure– avoiding accidents, making sure things don’t burn, following instruction accordingly, small spaces, multiple people, etc. These skills will be very handy in the classroom one day!
  3. Having an online presence is important when it comes to connecting with others. We are living in a digital world these days– the internet is here to stay. Receiving feedback from classmates was motivating– being able to see difference in opinion, constructive criticism, and general comments really helped me power through this project.
  4. I was nervous at the beginning of this course because I had no idea what I wanted to do for my learning project, and I was new to Edusites. The initial nervousness threw me for a loop, but I realized there was nothing to be worried about. I really enjoyed this project and loved seeing what my classmates were up to with their own projects, too!


There are many benefits to learning a skill online. I was able to: share thoughts with classmates, show my progress each week, receive feedback, use my critical thinking skills, and challenge my abilities. I’d say that I definitely learned a few things (other than NOT over-whipping egg yolks, haha!). I both thoroughly enjoyed this project and class. I’d also like to thank Katia for giving me the opportunity to expand on my interests and learning!

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