Learning Project Wrap-up

I swear– every year my spring and summer classes fly by so quickly! This is my last post about my learning project. We made it, folks! As part of EDTC300, I was required to learn a skill using online sources and blog about it each week. I chose to bake something different each week– gathering recipes from online tools and sources (DishGen, Pinterest, Youtube).

I chose this topic because baking is a lifelong skill (that I took up already) and wanted to expand my knowledge– and gradually challenge myself as the weeks went on. Was this project a refreshing change from the usual homework? Most of the time, yes, haha. Some days I was excited to be in the kitchen, other days I absolutely did not want to be cooking for hours. Overall, my learning project was a lot of fun. My learning project may be finished, and yet I’m still browsing for more random recipes to try.

Here’s a little recap of my learning project… Read More

Last but not Least… Macarons

As I mentioned in my last learning project post, this week I attempted to make macarons for the first time! I have to say, I knew making these was going to be tedious— but I didn’t realize HOW tedious.

I asked my cousin what she thought might be a good idea for my next blog posts, and she recommended macarons for me. She explained that she had a video for me to watch (one that she used the week before– it worked out well for her). I had very strict instructions: watch the video all the way through at least once before starting, and then follow the steps as you go. I’m glad that I listened and watched it first because chances are– if I didn’t, I would have gotten way too ahead of myself. Read More

Worms, Dirt, and the Pursuit of Stars

This week for my learning project I decided to have a little bit of fun! Amongst my many hours of scrolling Instagram, I came across a video from a recent trend (on Instagram and TikTok). Some may recognize this one– the split birthday cake from the animated TV series, Max and Ruby. It seemed to me that anyone participating in the trend had baked any kind of cake they had liked, so I settled on chocolate because I already had the ingredients in the house. Read More

Raspberry For Your Muffin?

For this week’s blog on my learning project, I went to Pinterest to scavenge for another recipe. What I found was a white chocolate and raspberry muffin recipe. Like the many times before, I didn’t have the proper chocolate chips that the recipe called for, so I used semi-sweet chips instead. This recipe was different from what I’m used to baking on my spare time, so it seemed like a fun challenge!! Read More

“C” is For Cookie

This week, as I continue with my learning project, I decided to bake some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies. My family had quite a bit going on at the house this last week, so I moved locations to my friend’s home to steal her kitchen for about an hour, haha.

My project this week turned out well, I think. I felt a bit out of place using appliances and ingredients that hadn’t been in my own home, but that meant my friend could sit back and enjoy the cookie dough when I had my back turned. You could say that it worked out for both of us. The recipe I used I had found scrolling on Pinterest. Read More

Round One: Brownies

In the first blog post I made introducing my learning project, I explained that I would be trying out an AI tool to help me come up with recipes to attempt in the following weeks. The AI tool/ website is called DishGen, and all you need to do is type the name of a specific dish you desire into the search engine (or a group of ingredients), and the website will give you a specially-made recipe to try out.

DishGen Homepage https://www.dishgen.com/

As it turns out, DishGen has a ‘Demo Quota’ as to how many times you can use the search engine without being a member. To use this website more than once, a free account needs to be created to collect what is called search credits, and to save the recipes that are generated with the tool. I would still like to explore the world of baking with my learning project, but I am deciding if I want to find a different website with an AI-operated search engine, or use a variety of different sources. Read More

Introduction to my Learning Project

I had a little bit of trouble deciding what I would like to focus on for my learning project. I was trying to wrack my brain for any new useful skill that I would enjoy investing my time into, as well as something that I would continue to come back to as I move throughout my next stages of life. Ukulele? Can’t think of anyone close who owns one. Learn ASL? Seems like a popular topic.

Then, I thought to myself: what’s a skill Read More