Let’s Start Baking

Let’s Start Baking

For my learning project, I have decided to cultivate my non-existent baking skills.

As of now, almost everything that I bake ends in disaster. I think that the largest reason for this is because I struggle following specific directions, I am bad at completing specific measurements and I love to tweak recipes or leave out important ingredients out of convenience. For these reasons, my goal of this learning project is to improve on all of these things.

Here is my plan going forward:

Week One

In the first week I would like to complete two things.

  1. I want to bake something I am familiar with to adequately gage my skills as of now.
  2. I want to bake something with an experienced baker supervising me.

Week Two

In the second week, I want to tackle a unique recipe that has been popularized by the internet.

Week Three

In the third week, I will be baking something that is challenging and that I believe is beyond my skill set. I want to do this just to see what will happen.

Week Four

In the fourth week, I will try out cake and cookie decorating.

Week Five

In the fifth week, I will be re-baking everything that I have already baked to see if I can improve on my original mistakes. After doing this, I hope that I will see improvement.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Start Baking

  1. Hey Jordan,
    You did a great job of laying out your plan for each week to ensure you stay on track completing your goals and also keep everything organized! I can totally relate to everything that you bake resulting in disaster, as baking definitely seems to go the same way for me! I think with the practice doing this for your learning project is giving you, you will definitely be able to improve in a short time!

    1. Hey Caitlin!

      So far, my learning project has been going good actually! I am already seeing improvement, which is awesome.

  2. Hi Jordan! I love the layout of your blog, it looks so great – as for baking, it is definitely something that comes over time and with practice. Make sure to follow the directions and measure! I absolutely LOVE baking and do it almost daily so let me know if you’d like any tips, tricks, or help with anything. Good luck 🙂

    1. Hi Erin!

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate your offer to help, I will be sure to connect with you if I need a little extra help 🙂

  3. Hi Jordan,
    I really like how organized your plan in executing your learning project is! It’s true that unlike cooking, baking requires precision and one little error can cause a recipe to go wrong – even as an experienced baker, I have had this happen to me a lot! I do cake decorating as a side gig, so if you need some tips in your fourth week, feel free to reach out! I am also doing sugar cookie decorating for my learning project. I’m excited to see your progress! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the offer Mikaela!

      I am trying out sugar cookies tonight, so I will let you know how it goes :).

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