October 21 – October 27

October 21…

It was 7:00 p.m., and I was determined to finish this keyblade. So, I went ahead and started painting! The gesso has dried entirely and painting on top of a gesso is like painting on a canvas. This stuff really works wonders!

Painting process
Covered the whole handle with yellow paint
In here I used burnt umber paint to create details on the keyblade.
Painting the handle is complete!

I used a hairdryer to dry the paint faster. It is 8:20 PM and I am not here to stay until midnight to watch this thing dry!

Painting the top part is complete!
Painting the keyblade is complete!

I added more electrical tape on the handle to cover the paint marks I made while painting the handle. Time check: 9:42 PM. I am surprised at how quickly I finished painting this keyblade. I mean, it is huge! But then, I am quite skilled at painting so I guess it helped! Again, I was extremely exhausted so I went right to sleep after cleaning all my paintbrushes.

October 26-27…

I have been so extremely busy with my school (MIDTERMS, PROJECTS, PRE-INTERNSHIP, ETC.) that I did not have time to work on my last sword for this timeline. Despite all of my busyness, I am determined to create my sword using my design.

TIME CHECK: 8:40 PM… Oh, how I love creating things at night when everybody is already sleeping! *insert sarcasm.

I started by sketching whatever came to mind. Since it is almost Halloween, I figured I could make some Halloween-themed swords!

I added some measurements. I wanted it to be relatively small so I could finish it fast, but large enough to be considered a sword.

Sketch of my design
Re-draw the design based on the measurements I have made.
Cut out the design after measuring it
transferring the cut-out to foam and creating the sword (TIME-SKIP)

AGAIN, I got so invested in creating this sword, while fighting with time, that I forgot to take pictures of my process. However, I will list down what I have done so far:

  • I traced the sword on the EVA foam and started cutting it with the cutter
  • I made two copies of the sword with everything: from the handle to the blade
  • I made two copies of just the handle. This way, it will look like the blade is attached to the handle separately. Just like a real sword!
  • I added two barbeque sticks (THE LIFESAVER) to each sword frame and attached them. So there are a total of FOUR barbeque sticks inside this sword, acting as a foundation!
  • Used trusty electrical tape to create the handle. One thing that is so great about electrical tapes is its elasticity as well as its leather-like appearance!
  • Added gesso on the handle to prepare it for painting!
  • I did not add gesso to the blade part and just went ahead and painted it. I wanted to see what the paint would look like if I did not apply gesso. I mixed black, white, and silver metallic paint to create this nice finish. It turned out quite nice.


I did not think I could use the hairdryer at this point because I would wake up everyone in the house. So I just left it to naturally dry on the next day.

Dried sword (NEXT DAY)

I woke up around 6:20 AM the next day, quickly changed for EAE201 class, and went down the basement to complete my sword. Once again, time was against me because I needed to finish this sword around 7:30 AM because that was the time we left the house to go to work/university. Since it is the morning and everyone is awake, I can use the hairdryer!

I mixed crimson red, burnt umber, and black paint to create this darkish red colour. For the eyes, I used white, crimson red (for the veins), and black to make it. Then I just blow-dried everything, and I surprisingly finished at exactly 7:30 AM!

Final Reflections…

This was such a challenge for me. I could have picked any other theme to do for my personal art project, but I do not think I will not be as satisfied as this. I have always wanted to create cosplay weapons and be able to cosplay one day! What is the next step? Maybe I will try sewing clothes and eventually create a cosplay costume! Maybe I will invest more in cosplay tools (like a sander or a Dremel rotary tool) to create a more refined look. Overall, I am very satisfied with what I have made. I am glad I picked this topic and I am extremely happy with the results.


1 thought on “October 21 – October 27”

  1. Critical Friend here: I witnessed Jozelle creating this sword and its outcome is just amazing. I know Jozelle loves stuff like dragons and her making this fantasy sword was an amazing idea. Her sword design is amazing and the creativity of the hilt of sword is amazing too. However, the sword colouring can definitely be improved moving forward. The blade that she has created for this sword is unique and amazing. I really like her approach of making blueprints and then adding details in it. Overall, the sword she created is quite unique and is an amazing design.

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