Time to Learn ASL, It’s Pretty Handy

May 8, 2021 3 By Julie F.

When I first heard that we would be doing a learning project my mind instantly went to American Sign Language or better known as ASL. I got very excited thinking about all the different directions I could go with it. Although, for a minute I took a step back and thought do I really want to make video posts of myself … I feel so unnatural and awkward in front of the camera. However, I did not want something as silly as being camera shy to stop me from learning a skill I have always wanted to learn.

My interest in sign language first started when my niece was born 10 years ago. I knew I wanted to communicate with her but unlucky for me babies don’t talk. I had to figure out a way that she could talk to me and that is when I slowly taught myself baby sign language. I still use it to this day (not with her anymore) but with other infants.

I want this learning project to be something that is going to be meaningful as well as beneficial to me as a teacher. I think it is extremely important to be forever growing and learning as a teacher. I believe that ASL opens doors of diversity for not only the teacher but the learners in the classroom as well. So without further ado, or contemplating I am going to DO IT!

just do it GIF

My learning plan for ASL is to watch 1 YouTube video lesson a day. The two main channels I will be using are Learn American Sign Language: Lessons for beginners and Sign Language 101. Additionally I will be using 3 mobile apps that will support me through my ASL learning journey. ASL Study, ASL, and The ASL App. My current plan is to focus on one skill a day. I will attempt to practice this skill throughout the day using the mobile apps. At the end of every week (Sundays) I will create a little quiz for myself in order to see what I have retained. I am open to things not working and am fully predicting adjustments will be made. I will be documenting my learning progress through videos (Ya’ll are in for a treat with those ?).

I am ready to dig deep, learn lots and have fun doing it. Let’s get handy with it!!