Author: Julie F.

Born and raised in Regina, SK Living on Treaty 4 Territory Pre-service Teacher (Pre-K-5) Elementary Education ?️‍? LGBTQ2S+

One Last Hurrah – Summary of Learning

Summary of Learning Script Summary of Learning for EdTech 300 Hi! I’m Julie, right there, yup! That’s me and welcome to my Ed Tech 300 summary of Learning. I can’t say enough how lucky I feel that I took Ed Tech 300. I feel as if I have been given so many platforms, resources and…

By Julie F. June 18, 2021 0

Network Learning & Contributions

When it comes to my network of learning I felt as though it took me a little while getting comfortable with asking or answering questions on discord. I also had to take time to warm up to twitter, but once I was, I enjoyed commenting and joining in on conversations with tweeters outside of my…

By Julie F. June 13, 2021 0

Digital Identity. Who are we Really?

so. . . Who are we really? Are we the people that are portrayed on social media? Are we the people we portray in person? Are we neither? Are we both? The only person that really knows who we REALLY are, are ourselves. However, sometimes we award this knowing into our lives through social media.…

By Julie F. June 4, 2021 0

Students as Digital Citizens

Digital citizenship. When I first heard this and was asked to write about it I was not even sure where to start. I never thought of myself as a digital citizen, but once I actually sat down and thought about it I definitely am. I own and use a computer, iPhone, iPad and even an…

By Julie F. June 3, 2021 4