A Little Baby Talk

May 17, 2021 4 By Julie F.

Baby’s can talk? Well not actually but they can use the art of baby sign language. For years I have learned baby sign language and still use it to this day. I not only use it through my work life as an early childhood educator but I also teach my nieces, nephews and friends children how to communicate using baby sign language.

There are many benefits to using baby sign language for both you and your baby such as…

  • Learning communication skills
  • Building cognitive skills through learning a language
  • Increasing the ability to know what baby wants
  • Improves the bond between you and your baby
  • Aids in lessoning frustration and the inability to understand what your baby wants.

I am no professional when it comes to baby sign language but I wanted to share what I know with all of you. I decided to share this as sort of a mini blog post for my learning project just to demonstrate how a little bit of learning can transform your life and the way you communicate on a day to day basis, even with your little ones.

Below I have created a video showcasing the baby signs that I have learned and currently use. For extra support in learning baby sign language here are some great resources.

Baby Sign Language I use regularly