ALAS… Animoto meets ASL

May 24, 2021 2 By Julie F.

This week in my ASL learning journey I have focused on common phrases and colours.

When I first chose to focus on these 2 areas I though it would be really challenging to do but, if i’m being totally honest it turned out to be fairly simple and I was able to understand and practice them with little to no help… help meaning I never had to go back and rewatch the lessons in order to practice. I’m sure it goes without saying though that for the first day or so I would follow along with the lessons in order to give myself time to learn without just trying to memorize. So let’s get into it!


For the colour lessons I used Sign Language 101 Lesson 2 – ABC’s, Colors & Pronouns. I skipped to 6:22mins in the video because I had previously learned the alphabet and I stopped at 7:57mins in the video because I was not ready to learn numbers or pronouns just yet.

While learning the colours in sign I made up little things to help me remember both orange and yellow:

  • Orange – The sign for orange is kind of like squeezing an orange in front of your nose so that is how I remembered
  • Yellow – The sign for yellow is kind of like making a phone with your thumb and pinky. you then shake it close to your ear. So I remembered by thinking (phone ringing, you answer it and say Y-ello).
ASL Colours

Common Phrases

For the common phrases I used 2 different resources. The first common phrase I wanted to learn was Hello, my name is Julie. For this I used Greetings in ASL, “Hi, my name is…” It was super helpful because the creator went over the greeting slowly and gave opportunity to practice alongside themselves. The second resource I used was one I have been using since starting this learning project. It’s called Take Lessons: 20+ Basic Sign Language Phrases for Beginners | ASL. I learned a lot this week including there is no sign for is and when you are asking a question, the question statement comes at the end of the sentence.

Common Phrases and Greetings

If you practice this at home let me know some other neat ways there are to remember colours and even the phrases!