Network Learning & Contributions

June 13, 2021 0 By Julie F.

When it comes to my network of learning I felt as though it took me a little while getting comfortable with asking or answering questions on discord. I also had to take time to warm up to twitter, but once I was, I enjoyed commenting and joining in on conversations with tweeters outside of my EDTC 300 class. The most comfortable I felt was connecting with others through their blogs. I loved reading my classmates progress with their learning projects and how they connected to the course content. Through blog posts I was the most genuine because it genuinely made me excited to see what others were doing and how amazing and creative others were with their learning projects.  

In my reflection of network learning I will be focusing on 3 specific areas. These areas include Discord, Twitter, and commenting on my classmate’s blog posts.

I chose to follow in Jenn New footsteps and create a google slide deck for My Reflection of Network Learning and Contributions. It can be found here! Enjoy ?