She, Them, He, We & All my ASL Learning

June 14, 2021 0 By Julie F.

Six weeks, six weeks of learning ASL and posting blogs. It is crazy to think that this will be my last learning project post where I actually showcase some new learning.

Before I move onto the new learning I wanted to share a little recap of everything I have learned so far:

Now for my final week I give you pronouns. I believe knowing the signs for pronouns will be a great asset to have in the classroom. I will not only be able to use the pronouns but I am hoping to be able to teach my students some basic ASL in order to make not only the classroom more inclusive but the whole school environment.

This week I used a combination of both TikTok and YouTube. The resource I used from YouTube was one I was familiar with called Sign Language 101 Lesson 2 – Pronouns. This resource helped me a lot when it came tto understanding the hand movements when signing pronouns such as he and she.

The other resources I used were from TikTok. One I was familiar with because I had used ___onelovee‘s videos before. The particular video I used was called Pronouns in ASL. This video helped me learn the signs for the various pronouns. The second TikTok video I used was called Pronouns sentences in ASL. This was created by the user therealljade. I really liked that I was able to find her videos because I was able to venture outside of the one word signing and began putting small sentences together using pronouns and some of the other words I had learned previously! Check out what I ended up with after learning from these 3 resources!

I honestly can’t believe this is my final video. I hope you all enjoyed following along on my learning journey. Stayed tuned for my final wrap up post where I go over my learning project from beginning to end. Including the good, the bad and the ugly!

Never goodbye, only see you later!

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