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June 18, 2021 0 By Julie F.

Summary of Learning Script

Summary of Learning for EdTech 300

Hi! I’m Julie, right there, yup! That’s me and welcome to my Ed Tech 300 summary of Learning. I can’t say enough how lucky I feel that I took Ed Tech 300. I feel as if I have been given so many platforms, resources and tools that I probably would not have known about if it was not for this course. I have also been able to build a community of peers via the internet which is amazing considering none of us have met in person.

I would say I am comfortable with technology, but one can never say they are comfortable with something that changes as fast as technology. However, this class has built my confidence when it comes to teaching with technology. I have come to understand what a digital identity and citizenship is and how to utilize mine in the best way going forward.

EDTC 300 started with 3 key platforms twitter, Discord and blogs, for which I used edusites.

Let’s get into it.


When I first heard we would need to be creating or reactivating a twitter account I cringedThis honestly all changed at about the second week of class. I was starting to tweet things of value, reading things with value and receive many resources. On top of all of these things mentioned before I was able to build a network of like-minded individuals such as teachers, advocates, Regina schools and Regina community members. On top of everything twitter has offered me this far I was also able to participate in my first SaskEdChat using tweetdeck, at first it was a confusing concept but by the end of it I was happy I was able to categorize what I was seeing in order to stay on top and engaged with the conversation being had. I have finally found my voice on twitter and hope to continue making connections through twitter in the future.


I had never heard of discord in my life. When Katia was discussing how to sign in and create an account, I felt a little lost. and then BOOM. Resources were shared, questions were being asked and even our professor was putting in teacher announcements in the chat. It took me a little while to get used to discord, but I was able to ask a few questions, receive some answers and I was even able to answer one of my classmates’ questions. Discord also gave me the opportunity to reach out to my fellow classmates when it was time to find partners for a sleuthing activity. Having the discord community right there made that task so much easier and more comfortable to accomplish.


When it came to blogging, I was familiar with the idea However, Katia helped me really understand edusites. Katia also gave us amazing tips when it came to setting up our blog pages, I was able to figure out how to create categories, what a page vs. a post was and was given the opportunity to have fun with blogging. Using our own style of writing and tone of voice. I was able to not only blog about topics from class, but we were also given the opportunity to learn a new skill. While documenting our learning I created videos to showcase what I was through this process I discovered the website Animoto. Which is an amazingly easy video editing website. I was also able to find great online resources through YouTube, TikTok and ASL phone apps.

Digital fluency

When it comes to life in 2021, we are rarely reading our news from the newspaper anymore. Most of us are using our phones, Facebook and even twitter to keep us up to date with what is going on in the world, but how do we know what is real and what is fake? With two simple words Digital literacy. Katia was able to teach us some great skills and tools in order to determine fake news from the real deal. Some of these tips included:

  • Look for previous work
  • Go to the source
  • Read laterally
  • Circle back
  • Check your emotions

It is so valuable to be taught these skills when it comes to being a teacher in the digital age. Teaching these skills will promote digitally literate students who are more aware of what is going on online when it comes to the news both real and fake. Technology is becoming more and more commonly utilized even at young ages. This awareness for determining what is real and what is fake on the internet will stay with children for years into their future better both their digital identity and digital citizenship.

Digital citizenship & Digital Identity

One of the activities from class that stuck out to me the most was the Sextortion of Amanda Todd and TELUS | Dark Cloud: the high cost of cyberbullying. These were both about A 15-year-old living in B.C. named Amanda Todd that used her digital citizenship to create a digital identity that the online world did not approve of. For Amanda, the disapproval of her online identity became too much for her to handle. I hope that through this course and having a better understanding of both digital citizenship and digital identity I am able to teach this in my future classroom(s). I need to remember that with the evolving world of technology I must also be evolving with it. As a teacher my digital identity and digital citizenship is just as important as those of my students. We may not like it, but technology in schools, at home and all around the world is becoming common place and I am just lucky to be given the opportunity to better understand and learn so I can in turn teach this knowledge in my near future.

Closing Remarks

At the end of the day,I would just like to thank Katia for all of the hard work and dedication that went into teaching ed tech 300. I also want to thank my EDTC 300 colleagues, for making this whole semester enjoyable with all of their blog posts on course content to their amazing learning projects. I wish everyone so much luck in the future. This course has opened my eyes when it comes to technology in the classroom and honestly just the versatility of technology in general. I look forward to my future using educational technology and can’t wait to share what I’ve learned.


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Good-bye & thank you all for everything