Building Community in Learning

Throughout the semester, we were asked to help build community through participating in our classroom discord, and commenting on the blogs of our peers.

We were reminded a few times to take screenshots and have a trail of our involvement. I… forgot aha and have spent the last couple of hours hunting down and scouring the internet for the comments I left.

I have always struggled with participating in community and helping develop the sense of togetherness that is so important for our health as a community. I’ve read a lot about the topic of community, and spend a lot of my time thinking about it, but in practice I am still very amateur.

I found myself frequently checking the discord and I read many posts by my peers, but the thing I struggled to do was actually become involved and comment and participate in the learning that was ongoing.  I did manage to leave a few comments each week, but I could feel the performativity of these actions instead of a genuine effort to aid and encourage learning.

I have always struggled to feel as though my voice is important and that I have useful thoughts to contribute.  This is something I have improved on immensely over the years, but I’m afraid I still fall short in terms of the expectations people place on me.  I am largely alright with this, but it is hard for me to understand the need to be marked on something I am inherently terrible at.

Here is a link to a Google Doc, where I kept links for the comments I made on posts.

Some ways I helped with the learning of others:

  • I participated actively in group discussions during lectures
  • I commented on posts on class blogs
  • I frequented the discord. Earlier in the semester, I struggled with embedding things and took to the discord to ask for help.  I immediately had multiple people respond to my question with ideas for my problem.  Ultimately, I discovered that what I wanted to do just wasn’t possible, but it was nice to see how ready my classmates were to assist me.


Looking back at my activities through the semester, I do think it is pretty silly how actively I kept up with everyone’s blogs and the discord, but never found it necessary to participate myself.  I think commenting for the sake of commenting feels performative, but I’m guessing that if I had just started, it would have ended up feeling more natural and I would have slowly become more comfortable and learned how to create meaningful discourse.  Practice makes perfect!

One thought on “Building Community in Learning”

  1. Hey Kelsey,
    I can connect with what your are say in many ways. As I was trying my best with keeping up in posting comments, I felt like in many cases I didn’t have much to offer other than encouragement as I had no experience with many topics. However, I strongly believe that positive reinforcement and encouragement is just as valuable as tips on a specific skill. So keep it up!!

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