About Me

Hi there – I’m Kelsey and this is my blog for my Ed Tech 300 class.

I am a Music teacher currently working on my inclusive education certificate.  This is my last class! 

I convocated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2016 and have worked in three school divisions.  I’ve taught Grade 6 to 12 Band and Choir, Primary PE, and mostly middle years Arts Education.  After 2022, I decided to leave my continuing, full time contract and go on the sub list so I could have more flexibility with my schedule and spend time with my young kids. 

Currently, I work on contract part time, and teach as a substitute a couple times a week.  I love the work-life balance that I have now, and it is so much fun to be able to work in lots of schools and teach so many different things.

This website explores my learning through the lens of Educational Technology and how to incorporate it into the Arts Ed space.